AzurPoly Releases C160 Transall

A new aircraft is now available for MSFS by AzurPoly. The C-160 Transall is a…

Posted: 07-May-2023 @ 11:54z
AzurPoly Releases C160 Transall

A new aircraft is now available for MSFS by AzurPoly. The C-160 Transall is a military transport aircraft built by Germany and France. Even though the aircraft was introduced back in 1967, it served for over 50 years. The German Air Force only retired the plane in 2021, and the French in 2022. The plane was also used by the Turkish and South African Air Forces, as well as a small number of civil operators. AzurPoly’s rendition is of the C-160R, which only served in the French Air Force and is the most modern variant of the aircraft.

In order to recreate the aircraft the team has had access to a real life C-160, allowing them to model the plane in the sim with meticulous detail. The 3D model is accurate and detailed, as well as optimised for performance. It comes with a fully modelled cockpit and cargo bay, with several customisation options for cargo load-outs. All buttons and switches are animated, and the plane comes with several extra animations such as opening doors and cargo bays, propellor vortices and decoy flares.

AzurPoly has also custom created several of the aircraft’s systems. The plane features a custom FMS, realistic hydraulic and electric systems and a fully replicated fuel system. The flight instruments feature a bespoke electronic flight instrument system with EADI and EHSI screens, as well as an operational autopilot. Also featured is an EFB to help you customise and manage the plane’s settings.

AzurPoly’s C160 Transall is available exclusively on the MSFS Marketplace for $32.99 USD.


  • Higly optimized 3D model and texture package for more FPS.
  • Fully modeled cockpit and cargo bay.
  • 11 liveries including military and civil operators (scroll for exhaustive list below).
  • 8k resolution textures.
  • Extensive use of detail maps for a good up close rendering.
  • High quality sounds using Wwise environment.
  • Functional exits including cargo ramp, doors and windows, with dynamic sound variations.
  • Fully animated cockpit, including all switches, buttons, etc.
  • All gauges working and based on thousands of custom code lines.
  • Sophisticated interior and exterior lighting with lots of settings available.
  • Custom effects including decoy flares, propeller vortices, propeller dust, etc.
  • Bespoke electronic flight instrument system with EADI and EHSI screens.*
  • Custom flight management system (FMS).*
  • Realistic electrical and hydraulic systems.*
  • Fuel system fully replicated.*
  • Operational autopilot panel.*
  • Cargo and payload management with several available objects (armored vehicles, pallets, etc).
  • Custom EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) to manage numerous aircraft settings.
  • Interactive checklists with copilot actions.
  • Comprehensive flight manual available on our website.
  • Paintkit to download on our website.

* Systems and avionics are not completely implemented yet and some features will be added in future updates. Please have a look at the manual to see current aircraft limitations.

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