Your A32NX Could Have a Pilot Monitoring for £18

REALTURB releases a pilot monitoring for MSFS – and offers a free demo to try before you buy!

Posted: 31-Mar-2023 @ 14:33z
Your A32NX Could Have a Pilot Monitoring for £18

RealTurb has released a new product for MSFS which adds a pilot monitoring to your Airbus A32NX mod from FlyByWire.

The REALTURB Pilot Monitoring for A32NX MSFS is available on SimMarket and, as the name suggests, simulates the roles of the pilot monitoring. Users can activate the PM using voice commands during the flight, in an effort to drive simplicity of operations and enhanced realism.

The package ships with an application which connects to the simulator and is able to read the aircraft state, which prompts the PM to make audio callouts to abnormal situations. In addition, the pilot can use voice commands instructing the PM to perform actions (such as operating the flaps, gear, buttons, knobs, switches, and selecting autopilot values), perform flight phase related tasks (setting standard BARO, setting go around config) and read checklists.

Having it’s own intelligence, the PM will challenge your requests if they are not relevant or within appropriate limits. In the case of checklists, it will ask for confirmation if replied values or switch positions are in disagreement to the actual value/position. The PM will also be able to perform flows relating to each flight phase after the appropriate triggering condition (for instance, after start flow, taxi flow, line up flow, FL100 checks).

Your A32NX Could Have a Pilot Monitoring for £18
The client for the Pilot Monitoring has a range of options that can be tailored the individual wants and needs of any simmer

During approaches, the PM will monitor variables such as attitude, pitch, speed, sink rate and bank, making appropriate callouts where necessary. It will even call for a go-around if it detects the approach has become un-stabilised.

The final feature listed on the product page is the pushback functionality. Gone are the days of having to draw the pushback path or provide data such as the distance and heading for pushback. Instead, a pushback algorithm will read data from your airport scenery and figure that all out for itself. Now all you need to do is call up the ground crew and let them handle it all. In instances where no valid taxiway data is being received by REALTURB pilot monitoring, the developer says that normal pushback options are still available and the algorithm will try it’s best to get you where you want to be.

It’s important to note that REALTURB’s Pilot Monitoring is only compatible with the FlyByWire A32NX and cannot be used in conjunction with the default Asobo A320 NEO or the FenixSim A320 CEO. The addon will work on either the staple or experimental/development version of the aircraft.

A demo version of the addon has also been made available to simmers so they can try before they buy, which is available here.

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