Threshold LevelUp 737NG Freeware Released for XPL

The Threshold LevelUp 737NG series is a brand-new freeware selection of aircraft on X-Plane 11 that builds on the original ‘Ultimate’ mod.

Posted: 02-Jan-2022 @ 13:03z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:20z
Threshold LevelUp 737NG Freeware Released for XPL

The development team at Threshold has released its long-awaited LevelUp 737NG Series as freeware for X-Plane 11. This complete package contains the 737-600 all the way to the 737-900, all with the different wing types found on each model.

The Threshold LevelUp 737NG is the “official successor to the original Ultimate mod 737-700 and 737-900.” That said, this is an “overhaul” of the plane by the Threshold LevelUp team that modernises the original mod with new features and improvements.

Threshold LevelUp 737NG Freeware Released for XPL
Source: Threshold

The feature list shows that this freeware aircraft comes with quite a lot that should please simmers. The Threshold LevelUp 737NG comes with redeveloped exterior modelling and texturing, whilst the cabin has been revamped altogether. The flight model has also seen improvements over the original ‘Ultimate’ mod, along with improved performance across the board. Perhaps one of the biggest improvements over the original series of aircraft is the inclusion of all-new FMOD sounds, that were developed by Laminar Research and FlyJSim developer Daniela Rodriguez Careri.

The Threshold LevelUp 737NG Series promises to have a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and Freighter variants in the future, but no time frame has been set on those.

One area of the Threshold LevelUp 737NG series that will be improved in the future is the onboard EFB. According to the post on Threshold’s website, the LevelUP EFB was not quite ready and to prevent any further delays, the team opted to use the Zibo Mod EFB. This EFB has been given a custom skin and accommodates the various aircraft models included.

Where to Download the Threshold LevelUp 737NG

You can download the Threshold LevelUp 737NG from the Threshold forums. It is hosted by the ZiboUpdater CDN. You can learn more on the Threshold LevelUp Discord server.

Update Jan 2nd @ 1630z: We removed a section of text saying you could use the ZiboUpdater to update the plane. This was incorrect and is coming in the future.


  • Redeveloped exterior
  • Redeveloped textures
  • Revamped Cabin
  • Powered by the latest ZiboMod
  • Integrated Real Display Mod
  • Modular Visual Architecture
  • Redeveloped Cockpit Textures
  • Redeveloped Flightmodels
  • Automated Load & Save
  • Eyebrow Windows
  • Performance Improvement Package
  • Remodelled wingtips
  • Animated aft-exit for -900ER
  • Optimised for file size efficiency
  • System assets commonality
  • New FMOD sounds
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