Pyreegue Dev Co Updates East Midlands, Submitted to MSMP for PC and Xbox

The popular airport has just been given its first update.

Pyreegue Dev Co Updates East Midlands, Submitted to MSMP for PC and Xbox

The release of Pyreegue Dev Co’s East Midlands Airport last week was met with enthusiasm from the community. That didn’t stop the developer from taking onboard feedback and improving the product even beyond what was in the original release. Pyreegue has updated the airport by improving some of its features and fixing various bugs in and around the scenery product.

The list provided by the developer has been split into two parts: fixed and improvements. The fixed list is a bit longer, but many of those fixes are relatively minor. Some of the more important fixes include AI now being able to take off on runway 09, along with new light day/night cycles for the passenger terminals. Some snow coverage issues have also been fixed. As for the improvements, the airport has now benefited from improved terraforming, new bus stops down the DHL road and new parked vehicles to Diseworth Rd east of Aeropark.

The update is now available through the Contrail app.

With this update, Pyreegue now feels confident that the airport is now ready to be submitted to Microsoft for approval for the Microsoft Marketplace (MSMP) on both PC and Xbox.

If you are on PC and don’t feel like waiting, you can buy it now from Contrail right now for €19,99 (excluding taxes). Unlike some past products, it won’t be made available through Orbx due to Pyreegue terminating their contract with them.



  • Catering truck going through fence near baggage bay 1
  • Taxiway M terrain bump
  • GT3 missing rear quarter window
  • Barrier reflections (Texaco Fuel Depot)
  • Bitumen Reflections (Old ATC Tower Wall)
  • Light Day/Night Cycles (PAX Terminal)
  • AI Not taking off Runway 09
  • Skylink Bus does not have lights for LOD02
  • Static 767 Nose Cone Shading issue
  • Snow Coverage issues
  • GSE Clutter at Stand 42 clipping through GSX stairs
  • Stand 12R spawn heading
  • Windsocks showing opposite wind
  • SEGRO Park Sign missing logos
  • Some PAX had snow on their heads


  • Added missing Bus Stops down the DHL Road
  • Added parked vehicles to Diseworth Rd east of Aeropark
  • Terraforming improvements and adjustments
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