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Pyreegue Dev Co Releases East Midlands Airport for MSFS

The long-awaited airport is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Pyreegue Dev Co Releases East Midlands Airport for MSFS

After an extensive development period, Pyreegue Dev Co has released East Midlands Airport (EGNX) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

East Midlands Airport (EGNX) is a regional airport in the Midlands of England. While it does serve many routes for passengers, it has a huge cargo presence in the UK. This makes it attractive to simmers looking to take slightly larger aircraft to the regional airport, but still in a realistic manner.

Pyreegue Dev Co has gone to great lengths to ensure that East Midlands is a realistic rendition of the airport. Using bespoke LiDAR scanned data, the developer has been able to capture an accurate elevation model that captures the local terrain of the airport. It also features the latest satellite imagery that covers the airport and surrounding area.

Further to the airport being extensively designed, there is also plenty of surrounding area that has been modelled also. This includes Donington Park Racing Circuit (with animated GT vehicles), SEGRO Warehouse Park, Air Bp Fuel Depot and also the Superbike Factory.

The airport product also includes animated skylink busses, ATC/OPS tower interiors, and also dynamic gate doors.

You can buy it from Contrail right now for €19,99 (excluding taxes).

An Xbox version will be released via the in-sim Marketplace in due course.


  • Bespoke LiDAR Scanned Digital Terrain Elevation Model that captures all the unique features of local terrain, including the runway
  • Latest Satellite Imagery covering the airport and surrounding areas, including Donington Park
  • Custom Ground polygons with thousands of markings and accurate weathering
  • 2023 layout
  • Exquisite Night Lighting
  • ATC/AI Traffic integration
  • Airline Codes for 3rd Party AI Traffic Integration
  • Surrounding areas included: Donington Park Racing Circuit with animated GT vehicles, Ratcliffe Power Station, SEGRO Warehouse Park, EMA Gateway Railway Terminal, Holiday Inn, Radisson Blue, Premier Inn, Leonardo Hotel, Mileway Cargo Centre, TUI Training Facilities, Texaco Fuel Depot, Air Bp Fuel Depot, Aircraft Maintenance Area, Superbike Factory, Donington Park Exhibition Centre and others.
  • Animated Skylink Busses
  • ATC/OPS Tower interiors
  • Static Airliners on stands 8, 11, 16, 33, 43, 101 (Toggleable)
  • Dynamic Gate Doors (Requires GSX to function)
  • GSX Profile developed by Will Hinshaw https://flightsim.to/profile/Hinshee
  • Ultra performance version included (Without clutter)
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