Pyreegue Dev Co Terminates Relationship with Orbx

The renowned scenery developer has parted ways with their former publisher, citing a disagreement on terms and conditions.

Posted: 25-Jul-2023 @ 12:13z
Pyreegue Dev Co Terminates Relationship with Orbx

Just days after Pyreegue Dev Co released their highly anticipated EGNX East Midlands Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator to resounding critical acclaim, the developer has taken to Twitter (or X, depending on whatever we’re supposed to call it these days!) to post a statement announcing the end of their trading relationship with Orbx.

The statement says: “Pyreegye Development Company has decided to part ways with Orbx Simulation Systems Pty Ltd due to a fundamental disagreement on terms and conditions. It has become apparent that our visions on certain matters have diverged significantly.”

“Starting August 24th 2023, addon content from Pyreegue Development Company will no longer be available for purchase through or any associated with Orbx Simulation Systems Pty Ltd websites. Existing licenses will remain on all accounts, sceneries will continue to receive updates and/or fixes.”

“EGNX East Midlands Airport will not be offered through or any associated with Orbx Simulation Systems Pty Ltd websites.”

“Existing sceneries can be found on Microsoft in-game Marketplace and will soon also be available for purchase on the Contrail Web-Shop.”

“The possibility of license transfer will be announced later.”

Pyreegue Dev Co Terminates Relationship with Orbx
The full statement, posted in full on Pyreegue’s Twitter (X) account this morning.

Although we do not know any details around what these terms and conditions are at this time, the use of quite direct and pointed language in the statement seem to indicate that the two parties have fallen out of favour with one another over these terms.

Orbx create scenery products themselves, although they also act as a distributor for smaller developers in much the same way as other platforms including Contrail and the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. Distributors will host a developer’s product on their storefront, and in exchange they will (usually) take a cut of any sale made.

FSElite approached Pyreegue Dev Co for comment and a representative at the company told us “I am unable to go into further detail at this time, however I can assure you that [Pyreegue] did everything possible  make this work for us both and we have always respected our agreement with Orbx”.

A spokesperson at Orbx told FSElite: “The terms of our exclusive agreements are private and we will not disclose them. We wish Pyreegue all the best. I have no further comments.”

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