PMDG’s DC-6 Now Available Through the In-Sim Marketplace for PC and Xbox

PMDG's DC-6 is now available on the PC and Xbox in-sim Marketplace - a first for any PMDG aircraft.

26 Nov 2021 11:30z

Following on from the initial release back in the summer, PMDG’s DC-6 is now available to purchase through the in-sim Marketplace. This brings a huge win for those who buy products through the system, but more importantly, those who use Xbox to fly will be able to the classic plane.

The DC-6 is the latest aircraft from PMDG and comes with a number of exciting features such as a realistic flight model, in-built EFB and a highly detailed external and internal model.

The aircraft is virtually identical whether you buy from the in-sim Marketplace or through PMDG’s store. This also includes the Xbox version. The only variations seem to come from the fact some liveries come pre-installed since users will be unable to download new liveries on the Xbox build. However, if you download the plane through the marketplace on PC, then you can use the PMDG Ops Center to add new liveries.

Right now, the DC-6 by PMDG is on sale for $54.99, before then going back $69.99 at the end of the year. You can download now from the in-sim Marketplace. You can also buy directly from PMDG’s website.

This is a significant step forward for PMDG and the simulator. PDMG are also clearly very happy with the new simulator as the DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator has already outsold the same plane on all other platforms combined.

If you’re new to the simulator or keen to learn how to fly the bird, PMDG has put together a range of tutorials on YouTube.

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