Orbx Announces Olbia Costa Smeralda V2

Completely remade from scratch.

Posted: 15-Nov-2023 @ 16:17z
Orbx Announces Olbia Costa Smeralda V2

Orbx has announced a new version of their Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (LIEO). Version 2, developed by Matteo Veneziani, features a completely remade airport, entirely from scratch. All the airport buildings have been recreated with high resolution 4k textures. The terminal will also feature terminal interior this time around, complete with passengers. Some of the other custom airport buildings and objects have also been entirely recreated from scratch.

Added in Version 2 are some new high quality ground service equipment vehicles, as well as a new ‘fire bomber’ static aircraft. The ground layout from the airport has also been completely remade and is up-to-date with its real-world counterpart in 2023.

Last but not least, Olbia Costa Smeralda V2 will include some of the surrounding area of the airport. This includes the city itself as well as the coastal approaches to the airport. The harbour of the city will also be included, also featuring ferries and ships that regularly visit it. Matteo has also included Santeodoro Airfield as an added bonus to this scenery. A full changelog of the scenery can be found at the end of this post.


  • Completely re-done from scratch entire Project, nothing left from V1
  • Completely remastered all airport buildings with new 4k textures and details
  • Added terminal interior with passengers
  • Added new and more details about the airport
  • Re-done from scratch some airport buildings and airport objects
  • Added new HQ GSE vehicles
  • Added new HQ ” fire bomber ” static aircraft
  • Completely new ground (update to 2023 layout) with new HQ ground textures
  • Added a new extended runway with a new taxiway
  • Fully modeled famous ” Olbia harbor” with iconic ferries
  • Modeled numerous HQ POIs of the city of Olbia
  • Bonus airfields included ( Santeodoro Airfield) the gateway of GA airplanes for Sardinia
  • Highly optimized for performance
  • New HQ animated jetway with custom sounds
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