Orbx Announces Idaho’s Deadly 3 for MSFS

A new set of bushstrips are coming from Orbx that will give you plenty to explore across Idaho.

Posted: 22-Aug-2023 @ 16:45z
Orbx Announces Idaho’s Deadly 3 for MSFS

Orbx has announced a new product coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The newly announced airport product features 4 strips in 1 and will give simmers a unique challenge across Idaho in the US.

Developed by Milo Taylor, this is a backpacker’s dream with 4 different strips/helipads to visit. Each will give you a unique challenge and test. Orbx has described this as “the ultimate playground for budding Backcountry pilots” who are looking for something a bit different in the region. They say it pairs nicely with Parallel 42’s Campout Utility.

You will be able to fly to Dewey Moore, Simonds, and Vines airstrips, along with Rush Point Creek Fire Lookout (helipad).

All of the strips are enriched with detail with custom objects, plentiful vegetation and numerous custom animations to bring the product alive. Milo has also done extensive terrain terraforming to make the strips seamlessly blend in with the rest of the simulator.

The product page is live but not yet available for customers to purchase. You can check it out over on Orbx.


  • Dewey Moore – 700ft uphill slope. Approach from the E.
  • Simonds – 900ft uphill slope. approach from the SE.
  • Vines – 1000 ft. Approach from the E.
  • Rush Point Creek Fire Lookout – Seep uphill ridge landing possible from the north. Extremely dangerous.
  • Makeshift helipad – at the Fire lookout for emergency purposes.
  • Rangers have reported a high number of aerial predators at most locations. Beware of approach. Consider going around if possible.
  • Recreational pilots are known for flying drones for aerial footage. Keep an eye out!
  • Try not to disturb the wildlife. Fishing spots are available. The word is the salmon is really jumping this time of year.
  • A couple of backcountry pilots about. Some have maps at camp if you are unsure of the area.
  • Extensive vegetation overhaul for a complete immersion experience.
  • Substantial terraforming to recreate real-world terrain.
  • Airstrip ICAOs have been universalized due to all not having one -IDDM, IDSM, and IDVN.
  • Many custom animations to bring the scenery alive – Ducks, salmon, drones, and eagles.
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