New Gatwick Airport Previews Shared by Origami Studios

New images show work underway on buildings and interiors at London’s second busiest airport.

Posted: 05-Aug-2023 @ 11:33z
New Gatwick Airport Previews Shared by Origami Studios

Origami Studios have shared new previews of their updated Gatwick Airport Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

On the team’s discord channel, user Delta_Who (one of the developers on the team) shared a handful of new images showing the north terminal pier and bridge, along with some modelled interiors and gates.

Writing, Delta_Who wrote: “Hello everyone, sorry for being super quiet, but I am going to get a move on here. I’ll detail and preview with some rough images what’s going on here. So the obvious [update] being Gatwick MSFS. Admittingly slow but it’s not just a simple performance update, we’re looking at a large overhaul with the goodies that everyone wants. Bare in mind the picture(s) I’ll show are a few months old.”

He added “We’re going to be doing things that hopefully speed this along 🙂 But you can see, we’re targeting additional detail for interiors, as well as architectural accuracy”.

Prior to this update, the team had also shared several previews of some of the ground vehicles we can expect to see at EGKK. These were locomotives from Southern Railway, Thameslink and the Gatwick Express service, as well as one of Gatwick’s people mover shuttle rails which takes passengers between the north and south terminals.

No dates have been circulated in relation to the update for EGKK, so simmers will have to continue being patient before the work is complete and we near a release point.

Origami’s EGKK for MSFS was released back in 2021 to much fanfare, although it is rivalled by mkvy’s freeware version which to date has accumulated over 300,000 downloads on and is by far and away the most popular freeware addon ever created for a flight simulator.

As frequent fliers from Gatwick ourselves here at FSElite, we will be sure to keep you posted with any further previews shared surrounding this update.

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