Navigraph Charts Update Adds Flight Telemetry, OFP Reader and VATSIM ATIS

Charts app receives more features at no additional cost to users.

Posted: 05-Sep-2023 @ 21:31z
Updated: 07-Sep-2023 @ 16:13z
Navigraph Charts Update Adds Flight Telemetry, OFP Reader and VATSIM ATIS

Users of the popular flight simming utility app Navigraph have reason to rejoice this week as the app was today updated with 3 new features at no additional cost to new and current users.

The headline feature coming in this update is an in-flight telemetry tracker. Within the Navigraph app and desktop application, users can now toggle on or off a set of live data which is drawn from the user’s flight simulator, including current speeds through the air and over ground, expected arrival time and remaining time en route, indicated altitude and more.

I would imagine that this feature will be particularly useful to simmers who enjoy their long haul, enabling them to step away from the cockpit and perform daily duties without fear of missing top of descent. Now, all the information you need on your flight’s status can be accessed from your mobile device anywhere in the world. I for one will certainly be using it to monitor my transatlantic cruise while I’m in the gym!

Next up, the Swedish team have added the functionality to display your Simbrief OFP within the Navigraph app. This, they say, will streamline your flight-planning process and make critical information more accessible. It comes as no great surprise that the two apps are becoming more closely linked following Navigraph’s acquisition of Simbrief in April 2021. In May of this this year, Simbrief was also updated to add Navigraph functionality, bringing charts into the widely-used flight planning software.

Navigraph Charts Update Adds Flight Telemetry, OFP Reader and VATSIM ATIS
You can now view your Simbrief flight plan within the Charts app.

Finally, the team have added digital ATIS information under the airports tab. Now when you scroll over to the “weather” section of any airport on the map view, ATIS will be available as well as live METAR and TAF information, which was added in the team’s last big update announced at FSExpo.

The data which is used to build the digital ATIS readout comes from more than one source. If you’re looking at a U.S. airport, the data will more than likely be coming from that airport’s current real-world ATIS. However if you’re outside of the land of the free, then this data will be pulled from one of either VATSIM, IVAO or Pilot-Edge.

Navigraph Charts Update Adds Flight Telemetry, OFP Reader and VATSIM ATIS

The latest update to Navigraph containing these features is only available to users sporting a paid subscription to the charts app. For more information, check out Navigraph’s blog post in which they detail some of the data around digital ATIS here.

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