LatinVFR Details Next Major Update for the A32X Family of Aircraft in MSFS

A new update is on its way for the Airbus series from LatinVFR. Details on the big changes inside.

Posted: 13-Jul-2023 @ 10:14z
LatinVFR Details Next Major Update for the A32X Family of Aircraft in MSFS

LatinVFR has shared on social media what they plan on adding to their suite of Airbus aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator in the major update for the products.

There are a total of eleven items on the list from LatinVFR to enhance and improve the current offering. Some of the biggest changes the team plan on implementing include IRS alignment simulation, customised VNAV behaviour so that the aircraft follows altitude constraints, improvements to the EFB, and also new fuel predictions with estimated fuel at the destination.

Other planned improvements include a new EFB for the co-pilot, corrections with take off and initial climb speeds and also a new cruise page added to the ECAM.

LatinVFR currently has a range of Airbus aircraft for sale including the A321NEO, the A319 and the A318. The update is planned to cover the whole fleet of planes developed by the team. These aircraft are aimed at an audience that are looking for something more complex than the default A320NEO, but a little easier to master than the FlyByWire or the Fenix Simulations offering.

When asked on Facebook, LatinVFR confirmed that all of these features are planned and still require testing in an Xbox environment before it can be released. They’re aiming to have the updates out by the end of the month.

Here are the 11 changes planned by LatinVFR.

  • IRS alignment
  • Customized Autopilot VNAV behavior. Plane now follows altitude constraints on descent.
  • Takeoff speeds, initial climb phase target speeds correction.
  • Descent and Landing speeds customization on auto throttle
  • Navigraph implementation on the EFB.
  • Simbrief flight plan menu on the EFB.
  • New menus and enhancements on the EFB.
  • Co-pilot now has an EFB.
  • FUEL PRED page on CDU predicts estimated fuel at destination.
  • Cruise page added on ECAM.
  • Other fixes and enhancements.

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