Kuro B787-8 V2.1.0 Update Released for MSFS

The long awaited V2.1.0 Update has been released for the Freeware Kuro 787-8.

Posted: 21-Jul-2023 @ 13:39z
Updated: 25-Jul-2023 @ 12:33z
Kuro B787-8 V2.1.0 Update Released for MSFS

Horizon Simulations and Kurorin have released the much-anticipated V2.1.0 update for their freeware Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The extensive update, which has been showcased by content creators and streamers over the past few weeks has gained much attention from the community. V2.1.0 by the Horizon Simulations team and Kuro further works on the Asobo Studio & Working Title AAU2 (aircraft and avionics update 2) overhaul that was made to Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Boeing 787-10 which is included for owners of the Premium Deluxe Edition of the simulator.

This new update includes new cockpit texture fonts, new MCP fonts, wing flex fixes, gear fixes, significant flight model reworking, fixes to the model, built-in GSX profile, reworked flaps, new beacon lights, reworked aircraft data, checklist updates, max ceiling altitude set to FL430 and more.

You can follow the progress of the Kuro Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner by joining the Horizon Simulations Discord here.

You can download the V2.1.0 update for the Kuro Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner here.

Installation Instructions from Horizon Simulations

“Once downloaded, extract the file and run the installer. The installer will remove your previous installation & install the new 2.1.0 version. You will need to tell the installer where your third-party sound packs are if you have any. Third-party liveries may cause conflicts (they can be looking for old file structures (for example, they can stop sound working), use old textures/details and therefore be incompatible) and in the first instance you should try a default livery and/or run the livery converter on a third party livery and if that doesn’t work please contact the third party livery creator. We recommend that you do not use any other mods, with this new update due to the incorporation of some into the build such as Wingflex, fonts etc.”

The full changelog can be found below.


  • [INT] New cockpit texture fonts
  • [INT] New MCP fonts
  • [FX/INT] New interior lights
  • [FX/EXT] Beacon light improvements
  • [SYS] Set max ceiling altitude to FL430
  • [FM] Wing flex fix
  • [FM] Bounce fix
  • [FM] Gear Compression fix
  • [FM] Steering fix
  • [EXT] Steering fix
  • [FM] Fix Pitches from an External View
  • [FM] Fix Cruising with a negative pitch
  • [FM] Flight Director overshoot on turn fix
  • [FM] Reworked flaps and slats configuration
  • [FM] Flight model dimensions & position update
  • [FM] Reworked aircraft data based on simulation software
  • [FM] Reworked default payload stations based on BAW cabin layout
  • [SYS] Adjust RA on the ground
  • [UI] Add Checklists
  • [INT/EXT/LIV] minor texture & model bug fixes
  • [INT] New cockpit texture decals
  • [UI] Add a tool to export Community folder lists to the Installer for easier support
  • [UI] Add a changelog link to the Installer
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