Just Flight’s Tomahawk Dev Update Previews New Immersive Details

The PA-38 is getting closer to release and Just Flight’s latest update reveals interactive walkaround, wear & tear, and more…

Posted: 20-Feb-2024 @ 06:21z
Just Flight’s Tomahawk Dev Update Previews New Immersive Details

Those following Just Flight’s development updates on the PA-38 Tomahawk for Microsoft Flight Simulator know that the team has been making steady progress of late. In their latest update, Just Flight reveals that the team has been busy working on systems coding, modelling, texturing, and sounds, as well as adding additional features that’ll increase the immersion and realism for virtual aviators.

Just Flight Tomahawk

In the February update, we learned that the upcoming PA-38 will include an interactive walkaround mode. This mode allows users to navigate around the aircraft’s exterior and interact with components during preflight. Accessible via the EFB, a mini checklist shows which preflight components can be checked and interacted with at various positions. Interactive elements include chocks, tie-downs, tow bars, control surfaces, the stall warning tab, and the propeller.

Just Flight Tomahawk

Speaking of the EFB, it now displays component wear level thanks to the addition of wear and tear simulation. The wear level and fluid quantity of components are affected by aircraft treatment, such as reduced braking performance and handling quality as tyre wear increases. Some components may even require repair before the aircraft can be cleared for flight.

Just Flight also sheds some light on the aircraft systems depth, specifically addressing how simulated vacuum system suction affects the attitude and heading indicators. For example, during startup, decreased suction will cause the attitude and heading indicators to wobble. During shutdown, the attitude indicator will remain upright for a certain amount of time before suction is lost completely and the artificial horizon tumbles to one side.

Just Flight Tomahawk

The update concluded by describing recent efforts in re-texturing of the aircraft’s exterior. Just Flight states “Although the textures may look perfectly fine in these screenshots, there were areas we weren’t satisfied with, so we took the decision to begin the re-texturing.” It’s worth pointing out that in all screenshots included with this update, the old texture set is being used as a placeholder until new textures are completed.

It does appear that we’re getting closer to the release of the Just Flight PA-38 Tomahawk and from the details provided in this development update, it’s safe to assume that it’s going to be a very immersive aircraft. Stay tuned to FSElite as more details become available.

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