Black Square Dukes First Look and Tablet Interface

Two new feature videos of Black Square’s upcoming Dukes get up-close and personal with the planes.

Posted: 25-Mar-2024 @ 20:07z

Two new videos on the Just Flight YouTube channel have given us a first look at the upcoming Dukes for MSFS by developer Black Square.

The first video shows the airplanes in high detail, getting up and close with pretty much every part of the aircraft. We get to see its modelling and textures, which appear high in quality, as we’re used to from the Black Square team. The video also shows some of the different avionics and radio equipment that the aircraft will come with, which can be customised as is the case in previous Black Square products. The video also gives a brief glimpse of the tablet and its interface, which appears to give a detailed and visual representation of some of the aircraft systems.

The effects of the aircraft are also being highlighted. We get to see an animated ‘Remove before flight’ label attached to a gear pin, engine and aircraft vibrations and some of the lighting options both internally and externally. As a cherry on top of the cake, the video shows the St. Elmo’s fire effect, a weather phenomenon caused by static discharge of an electric field, often occurring during thunderstorms.

In a second video posted on the Just Flight channel, the developer gives a more in-depth look of the Tablet Interface that will come with the Dukes. The video shows how to use and interace with the tablet, and goes through settings and features. These include the customisable options of the aircraft, payload and ground equipment and engine visualisation; the engine visualisation particularly shows you how the systems inside the engine work, with a functional crank shaft, pistons and valves. The Tablet Interface also shows a live schematic of the electrical system as well as a complete depiction of the temperature and pressurisation system. Last but not least, the video shows the failure page where you can set and customise component and system failures.

Black Square’s Dukes aim to be the most advanced aircraft developed by the team yet, bringing new features and options not yet seen before. The Dukes will feature both the Piston Duke and the Turbine Duke, and can be purchased together or separately. The aircraft are currently slated for a release in April.

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