Just Flight Updates FS Traffic

Just Flight has released a new update for their popular FS Traffic add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Posted: 24-Jun-2023 @ 10:25z
Just Flight Updates FS Traffic

Just Flight has released a new update for their popular FS Traffic add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

FS Traffic features a fleet of over 100 different aircraft models. The aircraft are all highly detailed, with high-resolution textures and custom animations. FS Traffic also includes a variety of visual effects, such as contrails, engine heat blur, and touchdown smoke.

In addition to the aircraft models, FS Traffic also includes a comprehensive flight plan database. The database covers the entire world and includes both scheduled and charter flights. FS Traffic also allows you to customize the traffic levels in your simulator, so you can choose how much traffic you want to see.

Version 1.0.5 includes a number of new features and improvements, including:

  • New aircraft models: FS Traffic now includes models for the Boeing 737-7, 737-8, 737-9, 757-200, 757-300, 767-300, and Airbus A350-1000.
  • New effects: FS Traffic now includes custom code for touchdown smoke and wheel spray effects.
  • New animations: FS Traffic now includes wing-flex and control surface droop animations for a number of aircraft models.
  • Other improvements: FS Traffic has also been improved in a number of other areas, including:
    • Reduced volume on all aircraft sounds.
    • Fixed a number of bugs.
    • Updated the user interface.

FS Traffic v1.0.5 is a significant update that adds a number of new features and improvements. If you’re looking for a more realistic and immersive flight experience, then FS Traffic is a must-have add-on.

You can pick up a copy of FS Traffic directly from Just Flight for £26.99


Core Installer (v1.0.5) 20/06/23

  • Reworked cruise traffic system: Flight plans are based on plausible departure and arrival airports, interacts with ATC and external lighting works.
  • Added support for multiple legs: If a new destination is selected after landing at an initial destination, a new destination can be set using the in-sim menu and traffic will spawn at that airport.
  • Adjusted arrival logic so that aircraft spacing is improved and reduces the likelihood of low flypasts.
  • Replaced destination spawn logic: Tests that the user is within the reality bubble rather than relying on distance. This should reduce the chance of traffic not appearing at the destination and will allow traffic to spawn at the earliest possible point in time.
  • Disabled reliance on hard coded airports list: Users can now create user flight plans for airports that do not include those covered by FST.
  • Combined departure and arrival .pln files: This will reduce the installation time by halving the number of flight plans.
  • Remove Traffic button logic improved so that multiple removals are possible.
  • Added an alternate wingspan option into the Traffic Control Centre: This option will allow aircraft to spawn at airports where the gate sizes are too small. This does not affect the physical wingspan of the aircraft models.
  • Alphabetical filter added to Routes Manager in Traffic Control Centre in order to reduce loading time lag.
  • Added – New Livery assistant to make setting up new liveries straightforward.
  • Bug – Now able to add new liveries to an aircraft where the livery count was 0.
  • Added – Custom airlines that do not exist in the airlines database will be added when assigning them in the TCC Aircraft Manager. Additional popup will ask you to assign a Callsign
  • PLN files generated by the TCC when creating a new route updated to match the new format used by the module.
  • LOD option values modified to reflect new model settings.

Traffic Fleet installer (v1.0.5) 20/06/23

  • Major: Added 737-7, 737-8, 737-9, 757-200, 757-300, 767-300, A350-1000 (See below for livery list)
  • Major: Added custom code for touchdown smoke and wheel spray effects
  • Major: Added wing-flex to A350-900/1000, 777-300, A330-300, A330-200,747-400, 747-8, A380
  • Major: Added control surface droop to A319/A320/A321/A330-200/A330-330/A350-900/A350-1000/A380
  • Minor: Reduced volume on all aircraft sounds (Other aircraft slider can now be set to 100%)
  • Minor: Fixed A350-900 Turnoff light
  • Minor: Fixed E195 Wingspan to correct value
  • Minor: Fixed Qantas callsign
  • Minor: Fixed default fast turnaround ground services on A319NEO, CRJ-900, ERJ-145 and E-170
  • Minor: Fixed 777-300ER Taxi light
  • Minor: Fixed A350-900 Turnoff light
  • Minor: Fixed CRJ700,900 Lighting
  • Minor: Fixed 787-8/9 Taxi light angle
  • Minor: Correct TUIfly Germany callsign to TUI JET
  • Minor: Removed erroneous NEO textures in A321 Sl
  • Minor: Restructured A321NEO to reduce file size
  • Minor: Restructured A319 textures to reduce file size
  • Minor: Change Thomson callsign to Tomjet
  • Minor: Changed Arke callsign to Orange
  • Minor: Updated Norwegian callsigns
  • Minor: Updated Norwegian codes in VMR**
  • Minor: Fixed A330-200 landing speed
  • Livery: Fixed Star Air India texture folder name and cfg entry
  • Livery: Added Air Asia A320/A320_SL
  • Livery: Added Thai Air Asia A320/A320_SL
  • Livery: Added Ryanair UK livery (RUK)
  • Livery: Colour-matched TUI/TFL 787-8/9
  • Livery: Colour matched entire TUI 737 fleet
  • Minor: Updated VMR to reflect new additions

New fleet liveries
737-8 White
737-8 Air Canada
737-8 Akasa Air
737-8 Aeromexico
737-8 Aerolineas Argentinas
737-8 Ukraine International Airlines
737-8 Caribbean Airlines
737-8 Lynnx Air
737-8 Ethiopian Airlines
737-8 flydubai
737-8 Fiji Airways
737-8 Flair Airlines Ltd.
737-8 VRG Linhas Aereas S.A. – Grupo GOL
737-8 Icelandair
737-8 TUI Airlines Belgium t/a Jetairfly
737-8 Korean Air
737-8 LOT Polish Airlines
737-8 Malindo Airways Sdn Bhd ( Malindo A
737-8 Oman Air
737-8 Ryanair Ltd.
737-8 Buzz
737-8 SpiceJet Ltd.
737-8 Singapore Airlines
737-8 Southwest Airlines Co.
737-8 Sunwing Airlines Inc.
737-8 TUI Airlines Nederland B.V.
737-8 THY – Turkish Airlines
737-8 Thomson Airways Limited
737-8 United Airlines
737-8 WestJet
737-8 Swoop
737-9 White
737-9 Aeromexico
737-9 Alaska Airlines
737-9 COPA Airlines
737-9 flydubai
737-9 Icelandair
737-9 THY – Turkish Airlines
737-9 United Airlines
737-9 JSC Aircompany SCAT
757-200 White
757-200 Titan Airways Limited
757-200 Delta Air Lines
757-200 Jet2 Limited
757-200 Jet2 Limited
757-200 Icelandair
757-200 Turkmenistan Airlines
757-200 United Airlines
757-200 JSC Aircompany SCAT
757-300 White
757-300 Condor
757-300 Delta Air Lines
757-300 United Airlines
757-300 Airline Utair – Ukraine
767-300 White
767-300 Airdo Co., Ltd
767-300 All Nippon Airways
767-300 Air Niugini
767-300 Austrian
767-300 Boliviana de Aviacion – BoA
767-300 Condor
767-300 Delta Air Lines
767-300 Delta Air Lines
767-300 Eastern Air Lines Group Inc.
767-300 Icelandair
767-300 Japan Airlines
767-300 AZUR Air Limited Liability Company
767-300 Lan Airlines
767-300 Lan Airlines
767-300 TUI Airlines Nederland B.V.
767-300 Thomson Airways Limited
767-300 United Airlines
767-300 United Airlines
767-300 Uzbekistan Airways
A350-1000 White
A350-1000 British Airways
A350-1000 Air Caraibes Atlantique
A350-1000 Cathay Pacific
A350-1000 Etihad Airways
A350-1000 French Blue
A350-1000 Qatar Airways
A350-1000 Virgin Atlantic

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