Just Flight 146 Professional MSFS Development Update

Some brand new images of the Just Flight 146 Professional have been shared, along with a few new tidbits of detail.

06 Dec 2021 16:28z

Just Flight has added a brand new development update to their website for the Just Flight 146 Professional, coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The new images show the latest build in action that focuses on the 146-100 variant. According to the post, the exterior work is all but complete, meaning that the animations, modelling and texturing is now finished. Work on the cockpit animations and systems is well underway.

According to the development team, there is “still plenty of work left to complete” for the coding side of things, but development is going well. Just Flight said they hope to bring another development update before the holidays.

Back in November, Just Flight shared the start of development with some initial screenshots of both the external and interior modelling. We are excited to see the aircraft continue to be developed.

Be sure to check out our product page on the Just Flight BAe 146 Professional to stay up to date on the latest!

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