iniBuilds Updates Stansted and JFK Airports for MSFS

Both large airports have been updated improving performance and adding new features.

Posted: 18-Jul-2023 @ 18:47z
iniBuilds Updates Stansted and JFK Airports for MSFS

iniBuilds has updated both their Stansted and New York John F. Kennedy Airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

New York John F. Kennedy Airport Update

The update for New York John F. Kennedy Airport focuses a lot on improving performance, especially for those on lower-end PCs. That said, the impact should also be beneficial for those on more powerful systems. LOD improvements have been made across the whole airport to help improve performance across the board. There have also been some changes to various terminal buildings, which will help improve up the speed of loading and also fixing various elements of it.

The new version of New York John F. Kennedy can be downloaded through the iniManager or via SIMMARKET if you purchased it from there. The update has likely (we say this as it’s not explicitly confirmed) been sent to Microsoft for those who purchased it from the store and will be available in the future.

You can buy iniBuilds’ New York John F. Kennedy Airport from the iniBuilds store for £19.99. The full changelog is below.

Stansted Airport Update

The update for Stansted focuses primarily on the addition of using ‘nool’ VDGS units. The static VDGS units have been removed, that allow both nool or GSX units to be used. The iniManager tool also allows you to download the latest nool version and also be able to disable it.

You can buy Stansted Airport from the iniBuilds store for £13.99. The full changelog is below.

New York John F. Kennedy Airport v1.05 Changelog

  • Extensive work to try and improve performance for those on lower-end PC’s.
  • Further LOD improvements to T8/9 interiors, interior clutter and people models.
  • T4 and TWA people LOD improvements.
  • All people models now reference a single texture and each terminal cluster has been merged to single node.
  • T4/8/9 interior elements have each been merged to single elements.
  • LOD adjustment to approach road and trainline model.
  • Animations now deactivate at closer range.
  • Reduced collision faces on north and south approach gantries.
  • Removed day/night transition from approach gantries..
  • Removed animation tags from taxisigns.
  • T4 broken down into multiple sections to speed up loading.
  • T8 broken into multiple sections to reduce LOD scale per part.
  • Correct LOD’ing applied to all container dollies.
  • Fixed T4 interior not appearing correctly. 

Stansted Airport v1.03 Changelog

  • Static VDGS units removed to allow for use with either nool or GSX.
  • Added nool VDGS units.
  • Added control panel switch to disable nool VDGS.
  • Download for latest nool added to product page in iniManager.
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