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HiFi Sim Tech Releases Active Sky P3D v6 Early Access

The popular weather engine has a new release for Prepar3D v6.

HiFi Sim Tech Releases Active Sky P3D v6 Early Access

Prepar3D v6 brought with it a new atmospherics engine that rendered weather completely differently to previous versions of the simulator. HiFi Sim Tech, known for their weather engines in FSX, P3D and X-Plane, saw then the opportunity to revamped their technology for the new simulator with their newest release.

Atcive Sky for P3Dv6 is a new version of the popular weather add-on that works specifically for the new simulator from Lockheed Martin. The comprehensive weather engine includes plenty of sources of data to generate realistic weather. this includes surface obersations, forecasts, global aloft air model data and also Sigmet and Airmet information. Should there be any hurricanes or tropical storms, it will also inject that data into the simulator.

One of the biggest advantages of using Active Sky is the fact it can be used to inject custom, live and even historical weather. There is also voice ATIS briefings, a mobile companion app and an advanced map allowing you to see your route with weather layers.

This is an early access product, and the price has been reduced to reflect that. HiFi Sim Tech says that there will be numerous updates, and the team is aware there may be bugs or other anomalies in this release.

You can buy it now €35.99 from SIMMARKET.


  • Specific Prepar3D v6 integration, in both volumetric clouds mode and legacy non-volumetric clouds mode
  • Live, Custom, and Historical weather with playback, with historical data available hourly for the past 2+ years
  • Comprehensive weather data including surface observations (METARs), surface forecasts (TAFs), detailed global aloft air model data (GFS), significant and hazardous weather information (Sigmet/Airmet), tropical storms/hurricanes and more
  • Mapping, Planning, Briefing, Scenarios and Weather Searching
  • Voice features including ATIS, Flight Watch and full voice briefings
  • Mobile companion app for weather display and control through any device
  • Advanced radar and precipitation, cloud detection, motion effect, in-cloud visibility reduction and advanced radar API and ASCA cloud structure/texture integration available in legacy (non-volumetric) clouds mode
  • XGauge weather display gauge with advanced airborne radar simulation mode (when using legacy clouds)
  • Advanced wind control, effects and smoothing with high frequency air effect force actuation and organic feel
  • Includes the most advanced version of our award-winning core weather engine and weather data services, being refined now for nearly 25 years
  • Advanced networking support without the need for SimConnect network configuration
  • New P3D add-on folder specification with everything installed outside of the P3D folders
  • Comprehensive API available for 3rd party developers to fully integrate with ASP6
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