Got Friends F4F Wildcat Feature List, Releasing End of September

Got Friends shares a feature list and release window for their newest aircraft.

Posted: 18-Sep-2023 @ 18:29z
Got Friends F4F Wildcat Feature List, Releasing End of September

Over on the MSFS forums user DigitalJonx, founder of Got Friends, has given a detailed feature list of their upcoming F4F Wildcat. The developer also announced a release window for their newest aircraft.

We’ve previously covered the F4F Wildcat and shared plenty of previews that already gave a good insight into what we can come to expect from the plane. However, the announcement post made by Got Friends contains a final detailed list. The flight model will use all the latest technologies offered by MSFS; New ot Fimulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Soft Body Simulation. The plane features custom systems, such as the electrical system and the hand-crank system (the latter of which can be slightly automated). A custom Wwise soundpack has been included, and the plane features built-in carrier functionality for launching and recovery.

As we’ve seen before in the previews, Got Friends’ F4F Wildcat also comes with plenty of animations. There is propeller damage, crash damage and visual sparks, smoke and heat. The aircraft also features animations for the armament options, with gun tracers and bombs that feature explosions. The effects are compatible with multiplayer, allowing you to see others shooting and for others to see you shoot.

Got Friends announced that a release will take place by the end of September via the developer’s own website. After that it will release on the MSFS Marketplace, although without some of the effects that have been mentioned due to Microsoft restrictions. Upon release, the plane will cost $19.99.

As the announcement was shared together with the message that several content creators have released pre-release access, we expect to see more of the plane’s features and in-depth looks soon.


  • High Fidelity Flight Model with NPS, CFD, and Soft Body Simulation
  • Free-Castoring Tail Wheel with Authentic and Simplified Options
  • Aircraft Carrier Compatibility with Built-In Launch and Recovery Features
  • Eight 4K Liveries with Historical Relevance (Currently – May be More at Release)
  • Complex Electrical System with Circuit Breakers
  • Engine Vibration Effects on the Interior and Exterior
  • Handle Interactions with Automatic and Hand-Cranked Modes
  • Propeller Damage, Crash Damage, and Visual Sparks, Smoke, and Heat
  • In-Cockpit Checklist with Additional Customization Options
  • Collimated Gunsight with Two Reticle Options
  • Tailhook Assisted Landing
  • Simulated Launchbar for Assisted Launching
  • Aircraft Carrier Support with Touching Cloud, Shrike Simulations, and Supercarrier Pro
  • Custom WWISE Soundpack
  • Vintage Dial VHF Radio and Transponder Units
  • Multiplayer Animations (Canopy, Wingfolding, Weapons, Lights and Code of the Day Signals)
  • Deeply Simulated Engine Priming with Animated Feedback
  • Dynamic Airframe Drag (Canopy Position, Fuel Tanks, Bombs and Cowl Flaps)
  • Droppable Bombs with Real-Time Physics and Visual Explosions base on Ground Environment
  • Droppable Droptanks with Real-Time Physics and Fuel Dumping Visual Effects
  • Gunfire with Nighttime Tracers and Visual Effects with Multiplayer Support
  • Custom Gun Camera Overlay with Vintage Film Effects
  • Headphone Simulation Built into the Aircraft
  • Emergency S.O.S. Morse Signal and Launchable Molin Signal (Flare) with Multiplayer Support
  • Smoke Generator with Multiplayer Support
  • 3D Modeled Engine, Interior Avionics Bay and Landing Gear Bay with Intricate Animations
  • Start-Up Smoke, Combustion, Heat, Frost, Landing, Fly-By, Water, and Vortices Effects
  • Realistic Interior Lighting System with Dimmer Controllers
  • Complex Primer Simulation with Optional Toggle to Disable Primer Requirement
  • Fully Explorable Engine Bay, Rear Bay, and Cockpit
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