Fulcrum Throttle and Accessories Now Available to Pre-Order

All-metal construction means this is seriously hard hardware. Now available to pre-order.

Hardware developer Fulcrum has announced the immediate release of pre-orders for the upcoming Fulcrum Throttle, Fulcrum Trim Wheel and Pro Jetliner Levers. Pre-orders are now open for these three products, with shipping commencing from February 2023.

Fulcrum’s initial Kickstarter did not reach its target goal, but the team were determined to bring it to market in any way that it could in order to satisfy customers and give more choice on throttle units to buy for flight simulator.

Fulcrum Throttle

The Fulcrum Throttle is full-metal construction made of high-quality materials that is designed to be durable even after heavy use. The unit itself has 6 analogue axis levers using non-contact GMR magnetic sensors on each axis. This ensures that it doesn’t wear down over time and cause any issues. The lever tension is based on real aircraft mechanisms, whilst also being smooth and realistic.

The Fulcrum Throttles are available now to pre-order from the Fulcrum store for £349 (plus VAT for UK customers). Pre-ordering today means you’ll be upon the first to get yours come February 2023.


  • 6 analogue axis levers.
  • Reverse/cutoff detent on each axis that can be disabled.
  • Non-contact GMR magnetic sensors on each axis as per our yoke.
  • 6 two way momentary rocker switches.
  • Adjustable angle of desktop mounting allowing for simulation of different aircraft types.
  • Interchangeable lever tops for different aircraft types.
  • Metal construction with solid levers that do not flex.
  • Realistic and smooth system for lever tensioning based on real aircraft mechanisms.

Fulcrum Trim Wheel

Fulcrum is also developing a new Trim Wheel that can be used either as a standalone product or attach directly to the Fulcrum Throttle set. The trim wheel itself uses a high-quality encoder to ensure no spiking when being used. In addition to the trim wheel, there’s also a locking landing gear switch with a realistic unlock before moving.

The Trim Wheel, again, can be pre-ordered from today with an expected release shortly after the throttle set. It will cost you £199.00 (plus VAT for UK customers).


  • Analogue axis for trim.
  • High quality optical encoder to ensure no spiking caused by spiking or dirt.
  • A pair of two way momentary rocker switches.
  • A locking landing gear switch with realistic unlock before moving.
  • Direct attachment to the Fulcrum Throttle Quadrant.
  • Metal construction.

Fulcrum Pro Jetliner Levers

This add-on for the Fulcrum Throttle set enables you to add 2 or 4 jetliner-style throttle levers to your hardware. There is also a flap and spoiler set, to give you the ultimate jetliner experience. Whatsmore, these are built with a high-standard in mind, which means they are not designed to be quickly swappable, unlike other units. “They are not designed to be quick swappable like some units as they need to be very solidly affixed to the quadrant to provide a much more realistic feeling and performing thrust quadrant.”

The Fulcrum Pro Jetliner Levers can be pre-ordered from Fulcrum’s store for £199.00 (plus VAT for UK customers). It’s unclear when they will ship, but are well into development so it won’t be long after the throttles ship.


  • 4 Replacement thrust levers to attach to the Fulcrum Throttle.
  • Each of the 4 thrust levers has a separate reverser switch.
  • The outer levers each have TOGA and A/T Disconnect buttons.
  • Machined aluminium speed brake lever with spring loaded detent lock (can be disabled).
  • Metal speed brake plate with detents and engraving for Down, Armed, Flight Detent and Up positions.
  • Machined aluminium flap lever with spring loaded detent lock (can be disabled).
  • Metal flap plate with detents and engraving for flap positions between 0 and 40 degrees.
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Calum Martin
Content Director
Calum has been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of FS2000 and has developed his love for aviation ever since.
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