FSReborn’s TZ-Ultralight Sting S4 Is Now Available

The Sting S4 is an ultralight aircraft that allows you to pull a parachute in case of emergencies.

Posted: 31-May-2022 @ 17:01z
FSReborn’s TZ-Ultralight Sting S4 Is Now Available

Following the announcement earlier this month, FSReborn’s TZ-Ultralight Sting S4 is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator in the in-sim Marketplace.

The Sting S4 is a composite aircraft with a powerful front-engine, meaning this thing is fast, light and speedy. FSReborn has created a realistic rendition of the aircraft, using the new Microsoft Flight Simulator prop simulation and physics, along with having the plane tested by real Sting S4 pilots.

FSReborn’s TZ-Ultralight Sting S4 comes equipped with a first for Microsoft Flight Simulator; a full Ballistic Rescue System (BRS). This system will allow you to spawn a parachute and safely bring the aircraft down to land in a truly unique manner. This has been fully implemented with its own physics and flight model.

the aircraft comes with a full maintenance module (via the onboard EFB), that allows you to manage wear and tear, failures and other in-flight consequences that may require you to use the BRS. Another unique feature is the fact that the tyre pressure will change depending on your landings and also affect the movement of the plane when on the ground. Other simulated aspects of the plane include passenger weight, engine carburettor physics, and rain and icing effects.

FSReborn's TZ-Ultralight Sting S4 Is Now Available

You can buy FSReborn’s Sting S4 right now through the in-sim Marketplace for £20.99 (local currency may vary).


  • Realistic night lighting, exterior lighting and ambient lighting inside the cabin.
  • CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamics) and new MSFS prop physics fully implemented into the flight model.
  • Realistic flight model tested by Sting S4 pilots.
  • MSFS rain and icing effects included.
  • Highly accurate 3D model and animations.
  • Opening canopy.
  • Full custom engine carburettor physics modelled, this includes choke behaviour due to ambient + engine temperature, inverted flight consequences and many other real-world behaviours.
  • Full custom coded checklist as per original aircraft POH(Pilot Operational Handbook) with interactive co-pilot.
  • Tablet EFB to operate many options of the aircraft, including fuel, weight, chocks, pitot tube cover, tyre pressure, break pads, battery charge, engine maintenance, lighting bulbs and many more.
  • Custom maintenance module (via the EFB) which manages wear and tear to many components of the aircraft alongside with realistic behaviours, failures and consequences in your flight such as, engine failures, brake failures, electrical failures, tyre’s air pressure and many others real world circunstances encountered by real pilots.
  • BRS (Ballistic Rescue System also known as CAPS) full implemented and operational, designed with custom physics and flight model. This is the first aircraft in MSFS capable of bringing this technology and experience to users.
  • Full GTN750 integration (PMS50).
  • 4K highly detailed PBR textures for the best immersion experience possible.
  • Pilot / Copilot displayed based on weight.
  • Rear cabin bag based on weight.
  • 11 liveries included.
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