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FSReborn Piper M500 Systems Overview & Preview Live stream

Extensive realism, passenger simulation, maintenance modeling, and more, coming soon for MSFS…

FSReborn Piper M500 Systems Overview & Preview Live stream

In a live stream with Flightsim YouTuber Robin ‘TwoTone’ Murphy, FSReborn’s CEO and lead developer, Raul Morales, provided an in-depth overview of their Piper M500 single-engine turboprop aircraft coming soon for Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC and Xbox. During the 1.5-hour live stream, the pair conducted a short flight and discussed the aircraft’s systems, procedures, and features as well as the number of details that contribute to the immersion and realism of the upcoming release. 

The aircraft is currently being tested by real-world pilots prior to release, a process that Raul states has been immensely helpful thanks to direct access to the real airplane and flying experience. This level of insight has allowed FSReborn to go beyond the POH and accurately recreate the real-world operational nuances of flying the M500. The characteristics of the real airplane have been accounted for in such detail that one of the beta testers (a real-world M500 pilot) stated that FSReborn’s M500 is a 92% accurate representation of the real aircraft. 

During the live stream, FSReborn showed off a number of the M500’s realism and immersion features. Highlights include:

Passenger behavior simulation

Using the EFB, the pilot can monitor the satisfaction of their virtual passengers. Parameters include passenger hunger, thirst, and temperature as well as satisfaction with landing firmness – i.e. hard landings lead to passenger dissatisfaction. Passengers can be virtually served food and drink via corresponding EFB options to improve their comfort level. Interestingly, Raul mentioned that passenger satisfaction can even be affected by the tidiness of the cabin upon boarding.

FSReborn Piper M500

Cabin temperature simulation

Raul demonstrated that if the aircraft sits outside in the sun on a hot day, the cabin temperature will rise accordingly. This state requires pilot intervention to bring the cabin temperature back to comfortable levels, such as opening the cabin door or operating the cabin recirculating fan. Passenger satisfaction with the cabin temperature is shown via the EFB.

Failure Modeling

System failures can be triggered via the EFB and set based on operating time or condition, or they can be manually triggered. Circuit breaker activation is also fully simulated to impact the corresponding aircraft system(s). For example, the live stream demonstrated that disabling the pitot heat circuit breaker triggered a corresponding ‘pitot heat fail’ CAS message and subsequent system deactivation. Circuit breakers can also “trip” if aircraft electrical system components are not maintained properly.

Maintenance Simulation

In the preview, we learned that the M500 tracks the maintenance condition of various components and that the degradation or failure of these components can contribute to abnormal/emergency situations. For example, low tire pressure or tread wear can cause a tire to burst upon landing (which will cause the aircraft to veer to one side of the runway). Brake pad wear impacts braking effectiveness, light bulbs can burn out, low oil quantity can cause engine failures, and battery health can cause start times to take longer. Additional wear and maintenance items are promised to be added prior to release.

FSReborn Piper M500

Custom G1000 pages

Using the Working Title G1000 NXi as a starting point, FSReborn has created a custom engine indicating system (EIS) display and crew alerting system (CAS) messages for the M500’s PFD and MFD (as well as simulation of the PFD when operating in reversionary mode). Custom EIS display items show cabin pressurization status, fuel state, flight control position, and engine parameters just as shown in the real M500.

FSReborn Piper M500

Turboprop Engine Simulation

Realistic simulation of the M500’s Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A engine is an area that FSReborn says has been a priority. Fully simulating engine parameters means the potential to hot-start the engine as well as over-torque or over-temp is a very real possibility. Raul states that achieving realistic engine performance including simulating residual interstage turbine temperature (ITT) is something the team continues to work on prior to release. Propellor beta range simulation is included as well.

Full-Featured Electronic Flight Bag

Like most complex MSFS aircraft, the M500 features an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) that allows the pilot to set configuration options and monitor aircraft performance. During the stream, Raul demonstrated that the EFB also has Simbrief support allowing users to import their flight plan directly into the G1000 and automatically set passenger count and weight and balance. The EFB can also be used to display METAR, TAF, and NOTAM information.

Navigraph Chart integration is available with an active Navigraph Charts subscription and notably includes the ability to favorite frequently referenced charts along with retaining persistent zoom display state (i.e. switching between charts will “remember” the zoom level of the previous chart). Raul stated that the EFB will continue to be improved for the M500 and it will also be used in FSReborn’s future aircraft including the Phenom 300E.

The livestream concluded with a presentation from the real-world pilots involved in the beta testing including their thoughts on the product thus far.

I can confidently say that this is not only my favorite single-engine turboprop simulation but also the most true-to-life offering that we have ever had in any Sim to date. Raul doesn’t stop until something is 110%.

Zach, Real-world pilot and M500 beta tester

While a release date has not been given, we do know that the M500 isn’t too far away. Pricing remains at $32.99 USD | 30.84 EUR

For more background about FSReborn and their projects, be sure to watch our recent FSElite interview.

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