FlyJSim Shares New Details on 732 Twinjet for X-Plane 12

A new round of info is available for you to digest about the classic 737.

Posted: 08-Mar-2024 @ 21:24z
FlyJSim Shares New Details on 732 Twinjet for X-Plane 12

Earlier this month we shared some new details for FlyJSim’s 732 Twinjet for X-Plane 12 and today we are able to share even more information about the upcoming jet for the simulator. Taking to Discord earlier today, the team shared some new previews and gave us more info about the new flight dynamics, avionics and custom autopilot.

Starting with the flight dynamics, FlyJSim said that they have been completely revamed for realism, taking advantage of X-Plane 12’s new simulation. The avionics suite allows for swap-able digital 833Hz radios and also a new digital ADF panel. There is also libradio integration, bringing the radio to “new heights” and enhanced navigation.

A new ‘Gravel kit’ is also part of the new version, allowing adventurous pilots to fly almost anywhere in the world with their 737. This will be aided by the new custom autopilot and FMS – the SPerry-77 autopilot and the UNS-1 FMS. There are also some MFD-640 displays which modernise the cockpit. FlyJSim says, “we’re committed to enhancing your flight simulation experience with these updates and appreciate your ongoing support.”

You can get the FlyJSim 737 Twinjet v3 for 50% off right now. When version 4 does come out, you can upgrade for 50% off the normal price. The team says that this is their “way of saying thanks for your continued support and patience.”


  • XP12 Flight Dynamics: Completely revamped for realism.
  • Advanced Avionics: Including swap-able Digital 833Hz radios and a new Digital ADF panel.
  • Libradio Integration: Elevates radio realism to new heights, enhancing navigation.
  • Improved VR Manipulators: For an even more immersive cockpit experience.
  • Gravel Kit: Opens up new terrains for adventurous pilots.
  • XP12 Weather Effects: Rain and icing effects for the windshield, plus photometric lighting for that extra touch of realism.
  • Custom Autopilot and FMS: Featuring a fully custom Sperry-77 autopilot and UNS-1 FMS, with optional “assisted” modes for altitude capture and IAS hold.
  • MFD-640 Display: Modernizes the cockpit with enhanced situational awareness.
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