FlyJSim Releases Version 1.15 for Q4XP

A new update for the FlyJSim Q4XP has dropped and includes a number of improvements and fixes.

Posted: 25-Jan-2022 @ 19:16z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:20z
FlyJSim Releases Version 1.15 for Q4XP

A new minor update was shared by FlyJSim that brings it to version 1.15.

The new update adds a few new functionality features, along with minor fixes and other general improvements. Some of those fixes include the fact that the heading intercept after manual approach is now working, along with improvements to the glideslope capture. Also, FlyJSim has improved the popup FMS to now use borderless windows and keyboard capture.

You can grab the update now, but be aware that you will need to reactivate the aircraft upon updating. The full changelog is down below.

The FlyJSim Q4XP is one of the most feature-rich aircraft available for X-Plane 11 and features a high quality, highly detailed exterior as well as interior of the plane. The team has put a lot of effort into ensuring that all the controls of the virtual cockpit work as they should in real life.

FlyJSim’s Q4XP is available right now for $79.95.

Changelog Version 1.15

  • Improve popup FMS to use borderless windows and keyboard capture.
  • Add panel texture capture for other display popups.
  • Add ability to scroll north-up MFD map by selecting legs in FPL page.
  • Fix 0049/timezone entries not allowing negative timezone offset.
  • Fix 0046/DTO HOLD causing FMS to sequence into hold too early.
  • Fix attempt 0050/FMS not showing landing page on landing.
  • Improve glideslope capture trip conditions to avoid ignoring valid glideslope signal.
  • Ensure that DTO doesn’t discard overfly flag from waypoints.
  • Fix MFD map colors appearing dim.
  • Fix bug that could cause slowdowns in popup FMS click detection.
  • Enable autopilot controllers debug menus in release build.
  • Fix manual approach activation not triggering VNAV approach mode.
  • Fix hdg intercept after manual app
  • Activation cancelling approach.
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