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FlightSim Studio Push Update 0.9.17 for E-Jets in MSFS

Latest in a long line of updates features new sounds, custom GPU and green dot speeds.

FlightSim Studio Push Update 0.9.17 for E-Jets in MSFS

Update 0.9.17 has been released for FlightSim Studio’s early-access E-Jets series aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Including an enhancement of the aircraft’s sound library, a custom built GPU and a variable green dot speed calculation system, the latest update is one of a whole host of changes being implemented by the team for their work-in-progress, early-access released Embraer 170 and 175 for MSFS.

FlightSim Studio Push Update 0.9.17 for E-Jets in MSFS

Furthermore, in the post announcing the update, the team also state that they will be changing from bi-weekly updates to the community, and instead shift to a ‘more flexible schedule’, with updates they say now expected every 3-4 weeks.

In doing so, the team insist they can ‘focus efforts on these exciting developments without frequent interruptions’, while working on new features like a custom autopilot, LNAV and VNAV, all of which they say require more extensive development time.

The latest update broadens the sound library of the aircraft, which they say now features ‘an array of callouts and even more lifelike sounds, particularly within the cabin.’ Additionally, their custom-made GPU (ground power unit) is represented as a 3D model, complete with authentic sound effects.

Finally, the update includes a ‘genuine green dot speed calculation’, in which the team say is ‘replacing the static values that were previously independent of weight and flight conditions.’

FlightSim Studio Push Update 0.9.17 for E-Jets in MSFS

By FlightSim Studio’s own admission, the early-access phase of the aircraft will still contain bugs and missing features, but promises simmers they will already be able to ‘do full flights and enjoy the products.’ These bugs will be fixed continuously and free of charge, according to the roadmap providing an outline of the aircraft’s future development.

You can read the full list of updates here.

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