Flight Sim Development Group Releases Landmarks of Germany ‘Baden-Wuerttemberg’ for MSFS

FSDG is back with a new range of products designed to make Germany look even better for VFR pilots.

29 Nov 2021 15:45z

Flight Sim Development Group (FSDG) has announced on Facebook a mini-comeback with the release of Landmarks of Germany for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new series of products will focus on specific cities and locations across the country that will add a number of points of interest.

First up is the release of ‘Baden-Wuerttemberg’ in the series. FSDG says that you will “finally [be able to] navigate in Microsoft Flight SImulator using all the famous and prominent landmarks” that are found in Germany. Located in the southwest of Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg is full of castles, bridges, television towers, football stadiums and much more. More than 270 individual objects have been added to the region and will add another level of detail to the virtual world.

As already mentioned, Flight Sim Development Group intend on releasing a number of other products in the series that will cover the rest of Germany.

You can buy Landmarks of Germany ‘Baden-Wuerttemberg’ for Microsoft Flight Simulator from the FSDG website for €9.52 (includes tax). Only residents in the EU can purchase from the FSDG store, so expect the product to become available on other stores soon.

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