Felis Releases 747-200

Announced back in May 2018, the Felis Boeing 747-200 Classic has now been released for X-Plane.

The Boeing 747 first entered service with Pan Am in 1970 with the first flight from New York to London with the infamous Clipper Victor 747-100 which later collided with KLM flight 4805 in Tenerife. The 747-200 was an enhanced version of the original -100 version with an improved Maximum TakeOff Weight and the more powerful JT9D-7 engines from Pratt and Whitney and later with the addition of the General Electric CF6-50 and the Rolls-Royce RB211-524B engines. A total of 393 -200 variants were produced with the final aircraft rolling off the line in 1991. Boeing built the 747-200 in passenger, freighter, convertible and combi versions of the type as well as being the basis for the current Air Force One VC-25 Presidential aircraft.

Felis has taken to the finite detail for this rendition of the 747-200 for X-Plane to include in-depth systems such as the CIVA Inertial Navigation System, electrical system with accurate busses and calculations, a fuel system that requires management input from the pilot as well as pneumatic pressurisation and air-conditioning systems. Internally and externally, the aircraft comes with PBR texturing, fully modelled animations and details, passenger cabin and authentic FMOD sounds from Turbine Sound Studios.

To purchase the Felis Boeing 747-200 Classic, head over to the X-Plane Store where you can pick it up for $70.00 which is around £50.75/€59.45.

Feature List

  • electric system with all its buses and current calculations
  • fuel system, that requires proper fuel management
  • fire detection system with dual-loop sensors
  • 4 channel system
  • a pneumatic system with actual pressure calculations
  • custom pressurization and air-conditioning system
  • fully custom autopilot with autoland function
  • autothrottle system separate from the autopilot with EPR limiting system
  • radios are powered by Totoriko’s libradio and openWXR plugins, fully integrated into aircraft’s systems
  • FMOD sounds (engines sounds by TSS)
  • crew voices
  • fully modelled exterior with lots of accurate animations
  • passenger cabin
  • highly detailed cockpit with each button, switch and knob functional
  • historic liveries of the most known airlines ever used 747-200
  • PBR textures
  • Electronic Flight Bag with fuel performance and load calculator and manager, INS helper to align flight plans
  • Fully custom Delco Carousel IV-A Inertial Navigation System (CIVA INS)
  • 3 CDU units work separately triple-mix mode
  • REMOTE function to populate waypoints and DME info
  • single and dual DME update function
  • fully integrated into aircraft system, no separate plugins required
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Jordan works in operations for a brewery, pub and hotel company in London. Discovering flight simulation when the 3x CD FS2002 was released, he then followed the natural progression up until P3D, where he switched platforms to X-Plane 11.
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