COWS Releases Diamond DA42 Twin Star

COWS debut aircraft, the DA42, takes flight.

Posted: 10-Feb-2024 @ 12:07z
COWS Releases Diamond DA42 Twin Star

Developer COWS has made their debut with the release of their Diamond DA42 Twin Star. The DA42 Twin Star is a popular four seat, twin engine propeller aircraft developed by the Austria based Diamond Aircraft Industries. It was introduced in 2004 and is still in production, with over 600 aircraft produced so far. The aircraft fulfils a prominent role in flight training schools, but is also popular with aerial surveillance and mapping operators.

The DA42 has several different variants, with COWS debut aircraft featuring the popular DA42-VI and -TDI variant. They have been carefully recreated with a high quality and faithful exterior as well as interior model. The textures are highly detailed, featuring photorealistic (and light-baked) reflections. The interior textures come in a black and light grey option, and you can choose whether you want moderate or heavy wear and tear.

The systems are intricate and detailed, with features such as an electrical system complete with circuit breakers. There is a custom de-icing and a custom hydraulic gear system. There is also an intricate lighting system that requires time to warm up and responds to the system voltage. Last but not least, COWS’ DA42 features engine damage and state saving, and will also feature random features in a future update.

The flight dynamics feature accurate performance and have been tested by real DA42 pilots. It comes with intricate details such as airframe shake during ground power runs and a small but noticeable bump when dropping the gear and decelerating on touchdown.

COWS’ Diamond DA42 Twin Star is available right now through Orbx Direct, and will be coming to the MSFS Marketplace in the future. It’s available for $46.25 AUD. The team also released a free and optional livery pack, featuring 4 liveries of real world flight schools that use the DA42 for pilot training.


  • Visual Model
    • Light-baked photorealistic reflections and ray-traced shadows & lighting textures
    • Faithful exterior model matched with hundreds of pictures at various angles
    • Intricate Interior model featuring moderate and heavy wear
    • The interior features two options of black panel/standard grey furnishings
    • Subtle and photorealistic photo-overlays for incredible lifelike textures
    • All placards sourced and positioned from Diamond maintenance manuals
    • Exterior features realistic moderate to heavy dirt/wear, matching reference DA42
    • Fibreglass scratching
    • TKS leaks
  • Flight Model
    • Accurate Performance and handling with over 1500 hours of testing from DA42 pilots, students, and instructors
    • Custom flight control animations showing respective trim forces and variable elevator backstop
    • Tiny bump when dropping the gear and deceleration on the touchdown
    • Airframe shake during ground power runs
  • Systems
    • Accurate electrical system with circuit breakers and custom alternator voltage simulation
    • Custom standby flight instrumentation
    • Deice system with weight and functional stall heat
    • Custom gear hydraulic system simulation with state saving and gravity emergency extension
    • Custom lighting that warms up and responds to system voltage
    • Custom Yaw damper and multiple fixes to native Asobo systems
    • Engine damage, state saving, and random failures (to come later)
  • Sounds
    • Developed from the creator of sounds for FBW A32NX, FlightFX vision jet and other projects.
    • Sound simulation follows systems, e.g. hydraulic actuator
    • Dynamic engine, wind, and ground roll sounds
    • Engine sounds differ depending on prop pitch, fuel flow, and speed
    • Dynamic wind sounds, howling sounds in slips and drag noises with gear and flaps
    • Sounds sourced from first-party sources, local DA42
    • Headset simulation
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