BlueBird 757 Progress Video, Teasing 767 and New Secret Project

Some new details surrounding the 757 from BlueBird Simulations have been shared via a new developer video.

Posted: 21-Jul-2023 @ 13:46z

A new video has been shared by BlueBird Simulations that includes new details on the 757 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, along with a tease of the 767 and also a future upcoming secret project.

In the video, Shervin, the CEO of BlueBird Simulations, began by saying that there is a new website full of new information surrounding the project. He says that the aim is to get the Boeing 757 passenger version into your hands by the end of the year, but this may slip into 2024. Once the passenger version is out, a cargo variant will be released as a paid upgrade. Once the cargo variant comes out, there will also be enhanced systems which will be a free update for the passenger version. It’s good to note that the plane is based on normal operations, no failures.

During a photo shoot with the 767, the team were able to capture sound recordings of the RB-211 engine. This means they can start implementing sounds for start-up, shut down and idle from the engine.

The 757 is alpha testing right now, with almost 40 people all taking part in putting it through its paces in order to get feedback to make it as robust as possible. “We have a long way to on this project”, but it may get slipped into the new year. BlueBird will keep people updated on this. Don’t expect it in beta for several months, as they want to make sure it’s at a good place.

On the 767, the team were out taking pictures of the plane, with Sherman having 4 hours to himself on the plane. Roughly 2000 pictures were taken, capturing measurements and intimate areas of the plane to ensure they can model it to the finest detail. Some sounds were recorded for the 767 but more needs to come. BlueBird Simulations said that they are working to make this the “most accurate 767 ever made for flight simulator.” Do not expect much more 767 news until the 757 passenger version is released.

During the same photoshoot, BlueBird Simulations were able to get unique access to another plane, which is not yet disclosed. Photos of the inside and outside were taken for this secret project. They won’t mention it or work on it until the 767 is in beta. “This is a plane not many people get access to.”

You can see a range of the pictures from the photoshoot in the video above.

In the meantime, you can check out previous footage of the 757 in action, including it flying a DME arc and also plenty of cockpit pictures.

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