Aerosoft Launches Aerosoft One

24 Sep 2021 07:56z

Aerosoft has released its new add-on installer and manager, dubbed Aerosoft One. With Aerosoft One you can easily discover, purchase and install products. Once a product has been purchased, you no longer will need to download (and possibly save) all the installers manually. Instead, the product will show up right there in Aerosoft One, allowing you to install it with the click of a button. Similarly, this is how you can keep your products up to date as well. The product also offers support for several third-party developers, such as a select number of Orbx add-ons or Gaya Simulations, to name a few.

Furthermore, Aerosoft One offers discovery functionality through a map, although that will be coming to the tool at a later point according to the website. You can also see the Aerosoft News feed, visit the forums, and find all your product serial keys and more.

Aerosoft One is available right now for Windows, macOS and Linux. It offers support for Prepar3D, X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator. Not all sceneries are supported (yet).

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