Aeroplane Heaven DC-3, Sabreliner Service Upgrades

07 Nov 2021 08:50z

Aeroplane Heaven has issued several Service Upgrades for two of their planes. The DC-3 and North American Rockwell Sabreliner for Prepar3D have both received an update to fix several issues appearing in P3Dv5.2 The team also made some statements on the Milviz Radar Unit and F1 GTN suite that are no longer being developed and supported by their respective developers. The F1 GTN, present in both the DC-3 and Sabreliner, has been removed for P3Dv5. The units can continue to be used in P3Dv4 however. For v5, Aeroplane Heaven recommends using the RealityXP GTN which has been integrated into the Sabreliner, and was already an option for the DC-3. The Milviz Radar unit, only present in the Sabreliner, is no longer supported. However, the team has kept the entries for the panel configurations, in the hope that this radar unit may one day be updated.

Alongside the Service Upgrade, the DC-3 received a few livery pack, containing several new liveries, including those of Air France, Swissair (original and restored), TAA and a few more.

For the Sabreliner, the team has confirmed that the plane will be coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Service Upgrade Sabreliner

  • Numerous improvements and additons, the major components being:
  • Revised materials and textures for V5.2
  • Revised Navigation light pockets
  • Corrected Landing lights
  • Revised warning light panel (all lights can now be extinguished)
  • Revised materials and textures for V5.2 to correct “dark” cockpit

Service Upgrade DC-3

  • Further modifications to the texture mapping for improved appearance in V5.2.

DC-3 Livery Pack 1

  • Air France
  • Air Anglia
  • Buffalo Airways
  • Aironaves (Mexico)
  • Air Queensland
  • Ansett ANA
  • TAA Classic (early polished alloy)
  • Swissair (Original livery on natural alloy)
  • Swissair Restored (High Polished AlloY).

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