Aeroplane Heaven Announces Spitfire MkVb, Previews Lancaster Dambuster

An Avro Lancaster, a Hawker Hurricane and now a Spitfire MkVb.

Posted: 15-Nov-2023 @ 20:45z
Aeroplane Heaven Announces Spitfire MkVb, Previews Lancaster Dambuster

A lot of news has recently come out from Aeroplane Heaven. The vintage aircraft creator just recently announced a Hawker Hurricane that will make its way to Microsoft Flight Simulator before the end of the year. Furthermore, the company has been working on an Avro Lancaster for a few years already, and the developer recently took to Facebook to share a ‘Dambusters‘ config to this anticipated aircraft.

The Dambusters Raid, officially Operation Chastise, was a famous raid carried out during WWII in which Allied Lancaster bombers carried special cylindrical heavy bomb that was specially crafted for this operation. The payload was able to skip over the surface of the water until hitting its target, which were hydroelectric dams during this raid. The mission was famously carried out by RAF Bomber Command using the Avro Lancaster. The previews shared by Aeroplane Heaven show the cylindrical bomb attached to the belly of the Lancaster. Aeroplane Heaven also shared a single preview of some iterations of the ‘skin puffing’ being toned down a bit after feedback.

Spitfire MkVb

With all these projects under way, you’d imagine Aeroplane Heaven is plenty busy. And though that may be, that did not stop the developer from announcing yet another aircraft coming to their line-up, with the announcement of the Spitfire MkVb. This product was officially already under development by the developer, with previews dating back as far as March 2021. The project was put on hold soon after, and the developer instead opted to release a Spitfire Mk1a. You can read our review of that aircraft here. The developer did not share any progress or status update on the MkVb.

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