X-Trident Releases AW109SP For X-Plane

The aircraft developer famous for its replication of military aircraft and helicopters for X-Plane, X-Trident has released their fifth aircraft, the Augusta Westland AW109SP with support for both X-Plane 11 and 12.

Posted: 13-May-2024 @ 12:03z
X-Trident Releases AW109SP For X-Plane

The Augusta Westland AW109SP is a luxury/utility helicopter that was developed from the original AW109E which first flew back in 1976. The type was then developed into the ‘Grand’ version which saw a lengthened cabin, newly designed rotor tips and uprated engines compared to the original. The SP or Single Pilot version of the type saw the addition of Terrain Awareness Warning System, Enhanced Flight Vision Systems, new avionics, and a carbon fibre front end to reduce weight. The addition of these systems allow the aircraft to be operated by a single pilot making it a perfect platform for its operators such as the RAF and various SAR/HEMS organisations.

The AW109SP is capable of carrying load outs depending on its setup of around six passengers over distances around 500 miles at speeds of around 180 miles per hour making it the perfect choice for its operators whether they are ferrying passengers in luxury, or picking injured people and taking them quickly and efficiently to the nearest hospital.

X-Trident, famous for their rendition of military helicopters such as the Boeing Chinook, has recreated the AW109SP to great detail which includes fully animated and modelled interior and exterior with articulated rotor head, animated doors and lights with separate controls within the cockpit. The development also takes an in-depth look at the systems equipped in the SP version with a full digital glass cockpit with mission displays, digital maps and cameras, synthetic vision, full autopilot, FADEC engine management system and more to ensure you have everything you require when flying missions as a single pilot.

To get your hands on the X-Trident Augusta Westland AW109SP, head over to the X-Plane.org store where you can add the aircraft to your X-Plane 11 or 12 hangar for $45.00 which is around £36/€42.

Feature List

  • Accurate modeling of both interior and exterior
  • Detailed and fully articulated rotor head
  • Per-livery configurable accessories (antennas, camera, step)
  • Fully animated cockpit elements (all switches, knobs, buttons, circuit breakers and controls)
  • Separate controls for console, pedestal and overhead lights (with night and day mode)
  • Separate controls for position, anti-collision, taxi, landing and search lights
  • Animated doors
  • Full digital instrument panel (3D cockpit and popup mode)
  • dual EDU (with standard and reversionary mode)
  • dual RTU
  • mission display (currently implemented functions: digital map and front facing camera view)
  • four EFIS (two PDF, two ND) – Synthetic vision for PFD, relative
  • elevation map for ND, with country borders, airspace, airways, traffic (obstacles require user provide database examples for UK and US-NY provided)
  • standby instrument advanced weather radar available as free download for Windows and Linux
  • Dual audio control panel
  • Functional circuit braker panel, fuel management panel, overhead panel, pedestal panel
  • Functional switches, and buttons on cyclic and collective grips
  • Aural warning system (incl. TAWS and TCAS)
  • Crew alerting system for EDU and EFIS
  • Four channels autopilot with ILS and RNAV capabilities
  • SAS, ATT and all upper modes selectable
  • Flight planning using AIRAC procedures (user updatable)
  • Custom FADEC with fully automatic engine start sequence (manual start possible)
  • OEI training mode
  • Engine load sharing with selectable Torque or TOT priority
  • Torque limiter and power limiter
  • Auto hovering and auto take off (Transition Up mode)
  • Realistic performances across most of the envelope (mercilessly tested by three real-life pilots AND X-Plane simmers)
  • Flight model to enable Autorotation & VRS (native in XP11, custom implementation in XP12)
  • Four liveries provided and Paint kit available as free download
  • Quick guide (pdf)Tutorials (pdf) Checklist (pdf) & Manufacturer’s quick reference videos for EFIS apply almost 1:1 for supported functions.
  • Support for both XP12 and XP11

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