Wing42 Releases Boeing 247D for MSFS

Wing42 has released the Boeing 247D for MSFS.

Posted: 05-Apr-2022 @ 10:11z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:21z

Developed in 1933, the Boeing 247D is considered the first aircraft to fully incorporate all metal construction, cantilevered wings, and retractable landing gear. The Boeing 247D also included many state-of-the-art features for the time like an autopilot, trim tabs, and de-icing boots. Boeing sold the first 60 247s to their affiliate airline, Boeing Air Transport, which later became United Airlines.

Wing42’s Boeing 247D is the first aircraft for MSFS to fully implement a radio range navigation module. Radio Range Navigation was the standard form of navigation until the advent of the VOR in the late 1940s. In the cockpit the user will not be able to navigate the world with the use of GPS or VORs, just radio range navigation. Almost 700 historical radio stations have been added to help the user navigate with the aircraft’s Bendix MR1B wireless controller. Listening to nothing but Morse code will certainly make the user feel as though they have traveled back in time!

The Wing42 Boeing 247D features a high fidelity 3D model with high resolution PBR textures and custom flight model. The flight model has been developed by Pamela Brooker, an aerodynamics expert. It incorporates aerodynamics analysis from pilot reports, operating procedures, and has been verified by real world Boeing 247 pilots. Various systems are simulated by the Prop-o-Tronic physics engine. This engine operates independent of MSFS and uses real-world engineering tables to accurately simulate the oil system, electrical system, heat-exchange, and much more.

Starting the engines on the Boeing 247 is very peculiar, consisting of a flywheel with a hand-crank and clutch (both of which is operated by ground personnel). A virtual clipboard is included and allows the use of a virtual ground crew to help start the engines or hand-crank the engines manually. The virtual clipboard also gives the user the ability to install various ground equipment, load the aircraft, and remove the engine cowling.

Nine different liveries like United Airlines, Lufthansa, and Empire Airlines are included. A full list of features and liveries will be included below for those interested.

The Wing42 Boeing 247D for MSFS can be purchased on the Wing42 website for $20.47.


  • Custom animations for all moving parts and controls
  • Realistic engine start-up procedure
  • Custom WWise sound pack
  • Fully functional Radio Range Navigation
  • Custom effects
  • Extensive documentation including two training manuals for the aircraft and the use of Radio Range Navigation


  • Fictional Wing42 livery
  • United Air Lines NC13361 (1933 livery)
  • Precipitation Control N3977C
  • Lufthansa D-AGAR
  • Chevron Standard Limited CF-JRQ
  • United Air Lines NC13326 (1941 livery)
  • Pennsylvania Central Airlines NC13348
  • Empire Airlines NC41814
  • Lamsa XA-DIY
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