[Watch Live] VATSIM Cross the Pond: Pilot Briefing Webinar Happening This Weekend

Be up to speed with the latest information ahead of Cross the Pond 2022.

Posted: 26-Mar-2022 @ 17:50z

On Saturday, 26th March 2022 @ 18:00z, Flight Simulation Association will be live streaming a pilot briefing webinar designed to help newcomers and experienced simmers alike understand a bit more about the upcoming Cross the Pond event that is happening in April. The session will cover departure tips, oceanic procedures and more. We’ll be restreaming the live stream on our own channel to help spread the message as far as possible ahead of the event to help everyone have the best experience possible.

Cross the Pond is VATSIM’s largest event. On April 2, online air traffic control coverage will be available for participating pilots to fly from Europe to North America. Cross the Pond is also one of the only periods of the year where pilots are guaranteed full air traffic control coverage in oceanic airspace, offering a unique opportunity to practice some of the special procedures that exist in this evolving airspace.

To help prepare VATSIM pilots for a safe and enjoyable Cross the Pond Westbound on April 2, online controllers Rob from @Slant Alpha Adventures (Washington Center) and David (Gander Oceanic) will present a 45-minute pilot briefing. Covering European operations, oceanic procedures, and tips for the arrival into North America, this seminar will be perfect for pilots who have a slot to participate in Cross the Pond Westbound, as well as those looking for some reminders on best practices for online network flying.


  1. What is Cross the Pond?
  2. Departure: Tips for European Operations
  3. Oceanic Procedures
  4. Arrival: Flying into North America
  5. Checklist for Flying CTP
  6. Questions & Answers

This live session will be presented by VATSIM air traffic controllers experienced with online domestic and oceanic operations. Rob Shearman, host of @Slant Alpha Adventures on Twitch and YouTube, is the former VATSTAR Chief Flight Instructor and an active VATSIM controller. He has flown in six previous CTP events and provided ATC coverage for three. David Solesvik is a C1 (Center) controller on VATSIM, Deputy Director of VATSIM Spain, and the Operations Director within Gander Oceanic. He controls various positions across Europe and North America.

Although you’ll be able to watch here on YouTube, for the best experience, create a free Flight Simulation Association account. Watching through the FSA website allows you to submit questions in real time. Plus, FSA members get discounts on top products!

Register to attend this webinar on FSA here: https://bit.ly/CTP22W.

You will be able to watch the live stream on the FSElite YouTube channel. We’ll be resharing this post on the day so you can be reminded once we go live.

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