REX Simulations Announces AccuSeason Update

REX Simulations has announced their next iteration of AccuSeason, featuring terrain colours and more.

REX Simulations Announces AccuSeason Update

Developer REX Simulations, well known for several texture enhancement add-ons for various simulators, has announced a new version of their popular AccuSeason add-on. AccuSeason is a texture utility that provides seasonal textures for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It comes with various different presets, appropriate for different times of the year and even differentiates within the seasons. The package also contains some ‘Enhanced Content’, with dedicated foliage updates for a limited number of selected regions.

In a presentation over on Discord, the developer announced the next iteration of this popular software add-on. Unfortunately the team hasn’t made this info publicly available yet, but luckily some sharp-eyed users and the developer shared a few more details in a forum thread over on AVSIM.

The next iteration of AccuSeason will be quite a large update, finally featuring the long awaited terrain colours. Up until now the seasonal changes only affected the vegetation, but with the new update the terrain itself will also feature more seasonal colours. The terrain colours appear to be limited to autumn and winter season, and only cover the USA, Canada, Europe and Iceland. The team holds the door open for future additions.

The ‘Enhanced Content‘, already mentioned before, will get two new enhancement areas, covering the Rocky Mountains near Denver and Western Canada. These Enhanced Content regions will make further differentiations in the vegetation and colours, adding more region specific tree-types with appropriate colours.

There will be a few other changes included in the update, such as some UI changes to make some pages better than they are at the moment. The automation feature will work with both vegetation and terrain colours, and the start-up sound will be turned off by default. The update is also said to feature 40 cloud presets.

The update is said to be available for free for current customers.

We’ll keep you informed as REX Simulations shares more information about their upcoming AccuSeason update. Thanks to users MrBitstFlyer and F737MAX for capturing some of the highlights of the Discord announcement. The images below are not representative of the update and contain previews of the current AccuSeason version.

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