Prepar3D v6 Patch 2 Released

A new patch has been released that fixes a number of issues.

Posted: 17-Jul-2023 @ 20:26z
Prepar3D v6 Patch 2 Released

A new patch (v6.0.28) for Prepar3D v6 has been released. This is in fact the second patch to be released since Prepar3D came out earlier this month. You can also read about the first patch down below, too.

The changelog includes fixes that prevent clouds from rendering when using SimConnect, a fix for various airport background and elevation problems, and also texturing fixes for a number of aircraft.

With Prepar3D v6, updates are downloaded automatically when loading up the simulator. They can then be applied automatically once it has been downloaded. This is one of the key differences in version 6 of Lockheed Martin’s simulator compared to older versions. You can read more about the key features of Prepar3D v6 with our exclusive interview with the team.

If you’re looking to pick up the simulator, be sure to understand the license and pricing model. However, it’s worth noting that some developers are opting to not bring their products to Prepar3D v6 due to a declining demand of customers.

Prepar3D v6.0 Patch 2

  • All fixes and updates from previous patches.
  • Fixed issue preventing clouds from rendering when using weather SimConnect calls.
  • Fixed issue causing cloud bottoms to be flat in some instances.
  • Fixed issue preventing the menu bar from rendering on machines with 4 or less CPU cores.
  • Fixed issue where manual adjustments to cruising altitude would be overwritten in some cases when using the flight planner.
  • Texture and model fixes for the Maule, Mooney Bravo, Piper J-3 Cub, and various other air and ground vehicles including commercial airliners.
  • Various airport background and elevation fixes.
  • Information text is now white instead of red. Requires deleting Prepar3D.cfg file in %AppData% directory to take effect.
  • Values in VolumetricClouds.cfg file are not used unless override is specified in file. Delete file in %ProgramData% directory to view override.

Prepar3D v6.0 Patch 1

  • Fixed issue preventing C-130 variants from loading.
  • Fixed issue causing distance remaining sign text to be off center.
  • Additional airport surface updates.
  • Added retry connection option to personal license disconnected pop up screen.
  • Fixed crash seen at certain sloped airports.
  • Fixed issue with volumetric cloud queries in multi-view cases.
  • Fixed issue with metric weight conversions in Fuel/Payload screen.
  • Improved atmospheric irradiance ambient lighting.
  • Fixed issue preventing gun list from populating in SimDirector.
  • Fixed issue with ambient bounce lighting on clouds.
  • Increased TAA sharpness.
  • Fixed issue with gun loadouts on F-35 B and C variants.
  • Tuned defensive flare effect.
  • Fixed issue with patch installation UI if application was updated but user chose not to install.
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