Passenger2 Q&A Answers More Questions of Passenger Experience App Features

Lead developer sheds some light on further features, including GSX phase-of-flight synchronisation.

Passenger2 Q&A Answers More Questions of Passenger Experience App Features

Further details of the recently announced passenger simulator application Passenger2 has been revealed in a Q&A on social media.

In the Q&A session posted on their Facebook page, the team’s lead developer Scott Thompson answered questions left on various channels. Set to launch in Q4 of 2023, Passenger2 describes itself as a ‘real-time passenger simulator adding advanced passenger and company operation realism to your Flight Simulator’.

In the video, when asked how Passenger2 compares to FSPassengers, Scott tells us that Passenger2 will ‘be better’, with an emphasis on the user-interface, levels of realism and offer a variety of features. Additionally, the developer mentions that the application will be able to be synchronised with GSX, allowing the application to monitor and reflect the various stages of flight to implement the correctly times services and procedures.

Passenger2 Q&A Answers More Questions of Passenger Experience App Features

There will be an element of strategy required by the users, as Scott goes on to say that users are able to manually create an inflight menu, alongside setting prices, meaning that profit margins have to be taken into account when setting prices and buying certain stock.

Users will be able to play AI-generated, yet according to Scott ‘not robotic and human-like’, multilingual passenger announcements, play and even watch safety videos on their very own in-flight entertainment screens and aim for positive satisfaction ratings which will be based on pricing, service standard and flying.

With the application set to launch on Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D, X-Plane, and FSX, the application won’t be compatible with the Xbox version of MSFS however. He cites this is due to the application being launched as a standalone application, but tells users to ‘watch this space’.

A few further details of the app have been announced on their website, including the programme’s career modes and alternatives, in which users can ‘be the boss and manage your company or fly with no limits’. Pilots will also be able to unlock achievements for managing their flights, with the possibility for drunk passengers or medical emergencies.

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