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Navigraph Launches New Simbrief Dispatch Interface

Simbrief’s update adds a new interface and many new features.

Teased just yesterday, Navigraph has already launched its new Simbrief Dispatch Interface. The interface is a major overhaul of the popular flight planning tool, and one of the first major/site-wide changes since the company acquired Simbrief in 2021.

The Simbrief Dispatch overhaul comes with plenty of changes and new features. To begin with, the interface has been completely revamped. The site now uses a handy side-menu with quick access to all the different features. The pages themselves have an entirely new design, with new and more distinctive info boxes to separate information. On top of that, Simbrief will now scale to your interface size, making the site a viable planning option for smaller and mobile devices.

Navigraph Launches New Simbrief Dispatch Interface

There are plenty of other new or enhanced features to be found in the new Simbrief: dark mode and accessibility have been added to the site, aircraft types and airframes are now two separate options, there is a handy new page for NOTAMs and other airport and weather related info and much more.

With all these changes in mind, Simbrief itself is still as easy as ever to create your flight plan, but in case you do want an introduction to the new website and some of its new features, the Navigraph team has made this handy tutorial video to get you acquainted with the tool.


  • Interface adjusts to any screen size
  • Dark mode and large text options
  • New dashboard section featuring latest flights, news or updates, and support
  • Aircraft types and airframes have been split into separate options
  • Adding comments or notes when saving your flight
  • Ability to share your flight options with another user
  • Setting minimum weather criteria when searching for alternates
  • A dropdown list of suggested airports to each alternate airport input
  • NOTAMs and other general information to the airport weather pop-ups
  • Loadsheet section for more convenient access to various aircraft weights
  • Search for a flight or airframe using the provided search box
  • Additional airport details such as current weather and transition altitude
  • Additional airspace details such as ATC units and available cruising levels
  • New tool to search for routes between airports
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