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MiniCockpit Confirm Product Compatibility with Fenix Simulations’ A320

Developer implements the community’s most requested feature for upcoming product.

MiniCockpit Confirm Product Compatibility with Fenix Simulations’ A320

MiniCockpit, the two-man team behind the MiniFCU which sold out on Kickstarter last week in a matter of seconds, have answered the community’s single biggest request and confirmed that the product will support the Fenix A320.

In a tongue-in-cheek video posted on the team’s Facebook page, the developers of the prototype product (expected to ship to initial backers later this year) confirmed support for Fenix. They did not specifically say “Fenix A320”, which could be taken as an indication that, should Fenix Simulations release more A320-series aircraft in the future, then the miniFCU will also work with these aircraft.


The product had previously been confirmed to work with the FlyByWire A32NX, the Microsoft/Asobo stock Airbus A320 NEO, and the Headwind A339X. It will also (presumably) support the FlyByWire A380X when that is publicly available.

The full text of the announcement read:

Your voices have been heard, here is the announcement you have been waiting for!

miniCOCKPIT is proudly extending support to the highly requested Fenix 320ceo. While our support may be partial, focusing on inputs and annunciators (without number display), we are confident that this will bring joy to many of our valued supporters, while also respecting Fenix’s terms and conditions. If you feel there’s more to be desired, we encourage you to express your demand directly to Fenix. We are here, always ready and willing to engage in open discussions. Together, let’s make our voices heard and shape the future! 📢✨

The MiniFCU was made available on Kickstarter last week, with an initial batch of 1000 units available for a discounted rate of $99USD. This special launch day offering was obviously more popular than the team were expecting, as it sold out within 5 minutes. Additional tiers of pledge are still available, with the lowest cost pledge (the earlybird) available for $159USD if you would still like to express your interest in a unit.


However it is worth noting that, as with all Kickstarter projects, pledges are not necessarily guarantees that you will receive a product in the event the company are unable to fulfill their side of the bargain for whatever reason, be it limited manufacturing capacity or solvency issues.

That being said, the team shouldn’t be running into any cashflow trouble anytime soon given that they have already raised almost half a million USD.

FSElite will continue to cover developments with the miniFCU in the lead up to products shipping!

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