Leading Edge Simulations Releases Douglas DC-3 v2 for XP12

A true classic in new shine

Posted: 09-Sep-2023 @ 10:22z
Leading Edge Simulations Releases Douglas DC-3 v2 for XP12

Well-regarded developer Leading Edge Simulations (LES), known for its rendition of the Saab 340A, has released their highly-anticipated recreation of a true classic, the Douglas DC-3, for X-Plane 12.

The Douglas DC-3 is a twin-engine, propeller-driven airliner that was developed and produced by the American aerospace company Douglas Aircraft Company (later McDonnell Douglas and now part of Boeing). It first flew in 1935 and was designed to be a larger and more advanced version of the earlier DC-2. The DC-3 could typically carry between 21 to 32 passengers, making it one of the first airliners capable of generating a profit through passenger service alone. It featured a robust and reliable design, which contributed to its long service life, with some retrofitted examples still in service today.

Providing X-Plane users with a ticket back to the golden age of aviation, aircraft developer Leading Edge Simulations (LES) has released their updated rendition of Douglas’ best known aircraft, the Douglas DC-3 for X-Plane 12. Marketed as an experience rather than a simple aircraft, the LES DC-3 v2 incorporate authentic and intricate instrumentation, while remaining intuitive to fly and easy to learn. On-board systems, capturing both classic and more modern era’s, and ranging from the Sperry A-3A Automatic Pilot all the way to the fuel mixture system with its intricate logic, have been replicated to a high level of detail, and are sure to occupy virtual pilots throughout every stage of their flight.

In addition to accurate systems, LES’ Douglas DC-3 v2 also features a detailed exterior model making extensive use of PBR textures and materials, capturing the wear and tear of the aircraft. The product also features a custom FMOD sound package produced by sound package developer AudioBirdXP. Finally, the aircraft also incorporates a custom airframe manager, allowing users to manage their respective aircraft with regards to loading, maintenance, and options, from within the simulator session.

If the above has convinced you to embark on a journey through the golden age of aviation and try your hands at one of the era’s most prominent workhorses, then head over to the X-Aviation store where LES’ Douglas DC-3 v2 is available for purchase for $49.95 Exc. VAT.

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Yannick Noesen
Yannick has always been an avid aviation enthusiast and he started out simming back in 2002 at the young age of 5 with FS2002. Ever since he has continued pursuing flight simulation as a hobby with the eventual goal of also making aviation his career. While Yannick currently primarily uses X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D, FS2020 and DCS have not skipped his radar.

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