LatinVFR Releases Miramar KNKX for MSFS

07 Dec 2021 20:00z

Scenery developer LatinVFR has released Miramar Airport (KNKX) for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Situated in San Diego, Miramar Airport serves as a United States Marine Corps installation. The airport is also known as Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and sees a number of military aircraft use the site for training, testing and storage. Alongside a number of runways, the airport also has 5 helipads, offering the perfect opportunity to test a range of flying skills all from one location.

The airport comes with custom PBR ground markings and textures across the whole product, whilst also sporting realistic modelling. The airport product has been developed based on the most recent design spec, meaning taxiways and runways are all accurate. Furthermore, a range of static aircraft are scattered around. This includes aircraft such as F-35’s, F-18’s, MV-22 Osprey, CH-53E and the KC-130J Hercules.

You can buy Miramar Airport (KNNX) from LatinVFR for $8.99, or from simMarket and Contrail for €7.99 (plus taxes).


  • Hand made and detailed PBR ground markings and textures according to the most recent airport situation.
  • Hand made, Realistic airport buildings using MSFS PBR materials.
  • Realistic airport lighting.
  • Real world static aircraft, F-35’s, F-18’s, MV-22 Osprey, CH-53E and the KC-130J Hercules as located in the airfield.
  • Taxi signs, runway signage according to real world.
  • And much more!

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