Laminar Research Releases X-Plane 12.0.8

The latest release build for X-Plane 12 is now available.

Posted: 29-Nov-2023 @ 16:29z

Laminar Research has released a new release candidate for X-Plane 12. The newest version, X-Plane 12.0.8 is now available for anyone wishing to download the latest update for the simulator.

Many of the changes with the latest build come in the form of engine model improvements, more realistic landing gear physics and a whole new fuel temperature model. There is also some tweaks to the ATC and general graphics bug fixes.

X-Plane 12.0.8 has a big focus on the flight model. This includes improvements to engine performance, especially on jets and turboprops – following data much more closely. Engines aren’t the only improved area, as landing gear has seen an overhaul. In particular, the code for the controls wheel inertia, weld modelling and the ABS has all been revised to produce more realistic landings and less forward pitch/slamming during rollout.

Another area that X-Plane 12.0.8 will see improvement in is projector warping/blending. This is a feature for those on professional licenses, but now a new grid system will help you blend your multiple projector displays much easier than before.

You can get get the update now from your X-Plane installer. If you don’t already own X-Plane, you can buy it now for $59.99. The price will increase to $79.99 by the end of the year so if you wish to get a copy, now is the best time to grab it.

Future of X-Plane

X-Plane 12.1.0 will be where all the “fun stuff” that the graphics team has worked on will appear in the simulator. Expect improvements for the real weather, cloud shadows, better bloom effects, software ground shadows and improved performance on the CPU.

More detailed on X-Plane 12.1.0 will come soon.

Primary X-Plane 12.0.8 Changes

  • Engine model improvements
  • Landing gear physics (Wheel Inertia, Weld Modeling and ABS Revisions)
  • New fuel temperature model
  • Networking and Ex-Visual sync updates and bug fixes
  • Projector warping/blending improvements
  • Graphics bug fixes
  • Systems changes
  • ATC bug fixes and tweaks

Changelog – RC1

  • XPD-14787 – Assertion failed when landing or loading Skyhawk float plane on solid ground.
  • XPD-14786 – Crash when popping up ATC window at EGPR.
  • XPD-14779 – Tons of PNG iCCP warnings with zibo & 12.0.8-beta2.
  • XPD-14775 –  Bug report “Complement to my last submission “impossible to push back.
  • XPD-14554 – Tips during load don’t rotate anymore.
  • XPD-14774 – Performance Regression reading “sim/aircraft/view/acf_livery_path”.
  • XPD-14750 – Bug report “Carrier snaps and violently pulls aircraft to catapult location when taxing close”.
  • XPD-14631 – Bug report “Freezing mode is not working properly”.
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