iniBuilds Updates New York, Buffalo Niagara, and More Updates

New updates galore for a few iniBuilds products.

Posted: 27-Oct-2023 @ 21:13z
iniBuilds Updates New York, Buffalo Niagara, and More Updates

iniBuilds finishes the week with a bunch of updates for a number of products including New York‘s JFK Airport, Buffalo Niagara Aiport, and also a few other third-party airports.

Starting with John F Kennedy Airport in New York, the new update focuses on performance for those on lower-end systems. Additional LOD textures and models have been added to further refine performance for users. There are also fixes across the board, including parallax flickering, bumps in the runway and taxiway and other improvements. There are also new taxiway lines and ramp parking at terminal 8. You can get v1.1.0 now from the iniManager. Full changelog below.

Buffalo Niagara Airport (KBUF) has also been updated to version 1.1.0, which saw a number of fixes and improvements. New additions include new helipads, the option to disable static aircraft and ground service equipment. There are also some fixes to the interior texturing and approach lights on active runways. You can get the new update via the iniManager.

Another new update comes from third-party developer iBlueYonder and their Dallas Love Field Airport on Microsoft Flight Simulator. They have resized the textures from 4k to 2k in order to improve performance, and added a new interior to the NetJets bizjet hangar, along with new hangar doors that trigger when approached. Furthermore, the taxiway signage has been corrected and new ground poly textures have been added.

Finally, the iniManager itself has been updated to contain GSX Profile integration with RW Profiles. This now means it is a one-stop-shop for all GSX profiles with a number of airports.


New York John F. Kennedy (KJFK) Changelog v1.1.0

  • Improvements to, or adding of, LOD models.
  • Addition of LOD textures.
  • Removal of unused materials.
  • General tidy up of materials and geometry.
  • Adjustment of LOD values.
  • Rail/road network now fully lodded and separated into smaller models.
  • Fixed missing night lighting T4 [added new mast lights].
  • Fixed interior doesn’t load in when spawning at A47 (and close by).
  • Fixed departure area of T4 causing abnormally high GPU load.
  • Fixed taxiway signs not illuminated at night.
  • Fixed terrain dip around ZA/YA.
  • Fixed bumps on next to runway 31R.
  • Fixed bumps in the runway.
  • Fixed LOD no parallax issue on TWA Hotel.
  • Fixed parallax flicker on T5 windows.
  • Fixed geometry flickers on some T8 windows.
  • Added: taxiway lines/parking added and updated next to T8 Parking 16-18.
  • Added: ramp parking 1A to 1D (T8).

Buffalo Niagara (KBUF) Changelog v1.1.0


  • Bump in D6.
  • Approach lights in active runway areas (all runways).
  • Double signage near TACair.
  • Reduce GSE density.
  • Some missing interior textures.


  • Additional GA and ramp parking in all areas.
  • Option to disable statics (only midfield 727 placed).
  • Option to disable all GSE.
  • Helipads.


  • Fixed control panel.
  • All apron-based GSE has been replaced with newer models/variants. This brings the KBUF GSE models into line with our most recent releases. This should significantly improve the overall feel of the airport. Plus they’re all lodded now!

iBlueYonder to Dallas Love Field (KDAL)

  • Corrected taxiway signs to read the proper runways.
  • Added correct registration to SWA 737 in the museum.
  • Resized the vast majority of 4k textures to 2k in order to improve performance.
  • Added a 3D model of the drainage canal on the south end of the field, between runways (set into the ground).
  • Enhanced ground poly textures.
  • Added wigwags and flashing runway guard lights to all hold short areas.
  • Added an interior to the NetJets bizjet hangar, along with hangar doors that have a proximity trigger so they open when approached.
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