[Updated] iniBuilds Updates A300 to v1.0.5

A fresh update is now available for the A300.

Posted: 04-Feb-2024 @ 15:33z
[Updated] iniBuilds Updates A300 to v1.0.5

Updated 4-Feb-2024 @ 19:45z: iniBuilds has issued version 1.0.5 addressing issues with LNAV. We have added the changelog below.

iniBuilds has updated its A300 to version 1.0.4 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update fixes many things to do with art, systems, and also the EFB.

Things like missing flags on instruments, INOP lights and some save state issues are now working with the Airbus aircraft. Sounds have had some work too, with mixing levels adjusted and some callouts adjusted to be better.

As usual, you can access and download the update from the iniManager – and for anybody who has not yet purchased the A300-600R, you can get your copy from the iniBuilds store for £34.99 (excluding taxes).

Changelog v1.0.5

  • Fixed – When activating HDG mode while in PROFILE mode, PROFILE mode should stay engaged
  • Fixed – ECAM says VLE at gear down is 250, should say 270 as on speed tape
  • Adjusted the C&D panel state
  • Fixed – [AFS] LNAV issues

Changelog v1.0.4

Art Fixes/Changes
  • Fixed – EMER Exit Disarm light inop
  • Fixed – N1 Max needle moving when it should be stationary
  • Fixed – Missing flags on instruments when aircraft in C&D state
  • Fixed – Pax: Crew Oxy gauges wrong, upper one should say HP
  • Fixed – FO sun visor the wrong way round
  • Fixed – Beacon lights flash marginally too quickly, should be once every second
  • Fixed – Life vest decal not moving with chair
  • Fixed – Phantom Orange Bug on EGT gauge
  • Fixed – Integral light missing for ECAM display knobs
System Fixes/Changes
  • Fixed – [VNAV] VNAV seems to be aiming for the FAF as the runway so the DECLL segment is too early
  • Fixed – Opening CPT DH window closes the speed window, but the speed value can still be scrolled and changed
  • Fixed – Block fuel totalizer only shows KG value 
  • Fixed – Change POV L & POV R quickview
  • Fixed – Possible to have less fuel in the aircraft when C&D
  • Fixed – Unable to modify altitudes in GO AROUND PAGE
  • Fixed – GPS altitude displays indicated altitude
  • Fixed – Issues with entering airways
  • Fixed – N2 Overspeed Pointer inop
  • Fixed – Two adjustments for the C&D panel state
  • Fixed – Waypoint entered in left MCDU on prog page will replicate on right MCDU
  • Fixed – Some more routes where the TOC/BOD markers aren’t showing up
  • Fixed – Manual selected VOR reverts to autotune – This might not be a bug
  • Fixed – ECAM says VLE at gear down is 250, should say 270 as on speed tape
  • Fixed – EGT starts at 84°C, should be OAT
  • Fixed – Throttle goes into idle on bumpy runway
EFB Fixes/Changes
  • Fixed – Auto tiller disconnect setting not saving
  • Fixed – default THR setting not saving
  • Fixed – Prepopulated weights always in KG
  • Fixed – Door all close command missed R1
  • Fixed – Oil replenishes itself between flights.
Sounds Fixes/Changes
  • Fixed – ALT HLD sound switch plays when FMA mode changes 
  • Fixed – GPWS callouts still a bit too quiet
  • Fixed – some 1.0.3 sound feedback 
  • Fixed – WX switch no sound from 2 to off
  • Further sound mixing levels
Tool Tips Fixes/Changes
  • Fixed – Dome Light missing TT
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