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Got Friends F4F-4 Wildcat Released for MSFS

Got Friends releases their highly anticipated F4F-4 Wildcat.

Got Friends F4F-4 Wildcat Released for MSFS

After two years of hard work and development, developer Got Friends has finally released their F4F-4 Wildcat for MSFS. Got Friends claims that their rendition of the F4F-4 Wildcat is “flight simulators’ most complete Wildcat package you can fly!”

The F4F-4 Wildcat was developed by American manufacturer Grumman and entered military service in 1941. The aircraft featured six machine guns and Grumman’s patented Sto-Wing folding system, which allowed for more Wildcats to be parked on an aircraft carrier. This iconic World War II fighter was primarily used by the United States Navy and British Royal Navy.

The immense thought and effort that Got Friends has put into their F4F-4 Wildcat is evident with their extensive feature list. The aircraft features a high fidelity flight model with NPS, CFD, and Soft Body Simulation. Got Friends has gone to extreme lengths to include as many effects as possible, including interior and exterior engine vibrations, propeller and crash damage, start-up smoke, and much more. The developer even modeled droppable bombs and droptanks with accurate physics and visual explosions.

Overall, Got Friends’ F4F-4 Wildcat is definitely a must-have for any flight simmer looking to challenge themselves with an authentic World War II-era aircraft. You can purchase the aircraft directly from Got Friends’ website for $19.99. The developer also noted on their Facebook page that the aircraft will be available on the MSFS Marketplace in the near future.


  • High Fidelity Flight Model with NPS, CFD, and Soft Body Simulation
  • Free-Castering Tailwheel with Authentic and Simplified Options
  • Twelve 4K Liveries with Historical Relevance, and one Website-Exclusive Livery
  • Complex Electrical System with Circuit Breakers
  • Engine Vibration Effects on the Interior and Exterior
  • Handle Interactions with Automatic and Hand-Cranked Modes
  • Propeller Damage, Crash Damage, Visual Sparks, Smoke, and Heat
  • In-Cockpit Map Tray with Additional Customization Options
  • Collimated Gunsight with Two Reticle Options
  • Tailhook Assisted Landing Built-In (Works on Any Surface)
  • Simulated Launchbar for Assisted Launching Built-In (Works on Any Surface)
  • Realistic Interior Lighting System with Brightness Dimmer Controllers
  • Support for PMS50’s GTN-750 WTT with Optional Navigation and Autopilot
  • Headphone Simulation Built into the Aircraft
  • Multiplayer Animations (Canopy, Wingfolding, Weapons and Lights)
  • High Fidelity WWISE Soundpack with Custom Engine and Foley Sounds
  • Vintage Dial VHF Radio and Transponder Units (Vatsim Support)
  • Aircraft Carrier Support with Touching Cloud, Jay Shrike, and Supercarrier Pro
  • Droppable Bombs with Real-Time Physics and Visual Explosions in the Environment
  • Custom Gun Camera Overlay with Vintage Film Effects
  • And much more!
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Devan Pandya
Ever since being introduced to FS9 and FSX at age 3, Devan has been an avid avgeek and flight simmer. He continues to pursue this passion by studying for his private pilot license and creating aviation social media content as "The757Avgeek."

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