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Flying Fridays – Where are you Flying this Weekend?

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Flying Fridays – Where are you Flying this Weekend?

Welcome to our weekly series: Flying Fridays! With so much content out there and choice for flying, it’s always fun to see what the community are actually up to in the virtual skies. That is why we want to see what you’re flying this weekend.

This is also our opportunity to re-cap some of the cool releases from the week and provide you with some personal recommendations.

Where are you flying this weekend?

Tell us in the comment section where you’re flying this weekend. Give us screenshots, routings and details.

As for me, this weekend I will be taking the A2A Comanche up in the skies across the South-West of England across the countryside. Starting off in Gloucester and then finding my way down to Cornwall for a spot of lunch before heading back.

Win a Giftcard for Contrail

Tell us in the comments where you are flying this weekend. We’ll then take a random person who comments and give them a free 5 Euro gift card to spend at Contrail. We’ll close the comments on Sunday afternoon and then pick a winner on Monday morning.

Thanks to Contrail for being a supporter of Flying Fridays!

Cool Recent Releases or News this Week

Something From Contrail

The Contrail store has hundreds of products to choose from. What is cool is how you can sort them to find things that you specifically want to find. As I am looking to do some GA flying this weekend, I could give a quick glance at the best-selling GA airports on the site to help give me some inspiration. What would be cool in the future is if I could break that down into countries or specific regions.

Personal Recommendation

I had a quick play around in the Azores in the week, and MM Simulations Horta Airport is a great addition if you like some island-hopping fun. They’ve done a good job at recreating the airport, with great visuals and good performance. You should check it out.

What would you like to see from Flying Fridays?

Tell us down below how we can make this small feature better for you.

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