FlightFactor Updates Aircraft Fleet for X-Plane 12

FlightFactor has updated many of its fleet for X-Plane 12, including a new version of their A320.

Aircraft developer FlightFactor has released a number of updates for many of its aircraft over the past week or so that give them compatibility with X-Plane 12.

For the Boeing fleet, the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 from FlightFactor have been updated with a new ‘beta’ build. Not only does the new build add X-Plane 12 compatibility for these aircraft, but it also includes a number of changes and fixes to further enhance the products. Changelogs, where provided, are down below. According to their Facebook page, the Boeing 777 (original) is also getting an update, but there’s no confirmation information it’s available yet.

If you’re looking for new information on the upcoming 777v2 or their upcoming 787 Pro, sadly, there is no new news at this time.

Moving onto their Airbus fleet, the team confirmed that their Airbus A350 will be getting an update soon that will bring compatibility with X-Plane 12. Perhaps the biggest takeaway from all of this is their all-new update for the Airbus A320.

The Airbus A320 update greatly enhances the original product for X-Plane 12. In addition to compatibility, there’s a new 3D cockpit, implementation of alternate law, new aerodynamic effects, and a new instant failure control feature. The current release is a ‘beta’, but FlightFactor says that by the time it leaves the beta period, it will feature new weather and terrain radars, circuit breakers, anti-icing effects, and improvements to the external model. You can watch the trailer for the update here.

This is all in addition to the in-depth simulation of the A320 already available. In order to get this update, you will need to pay an additional $20 through a new purchase on the X-Plane.org store.

FlightFactor 767 – 1.6.1

  • Fixed some 3d issues, holes and etc in xp12
  • Fixed particles issues in xp12
  • Fixed some external lights issues in xp12
  • Fixed some rain issues in xp12
  • Fixed missed inner_glass.obj
  • Fixed possible cabin pressurization issue in xp12
  • Fixed some displays reflection issues

FlightFactor 757 – 2.6.1

  • Fixed some 3d issues, holes and etc in xp12
  • Fixed particles issues in xp12
  • Fixed some external lights issues in xp12
  • Fixed possible cabin pressurization issue in xp12
  • Fixed landing light animation issue in xp12

FlightFactor A320 – 1.5.0 Beta

  • New 3D-cockpit model
  • New aircraft exterior model
  • Alternate Law implementation
  • Updated Normal Law elevator controls
  • Added inoperative systems according to FCOM when failure occurs
  • Autopilot yaw damper for single engine failure
  • Added tab for instant failure activation
  • Added native rain-effect support
  • Added turbulence effects
  • Added drag effect from opened gear doors
  • Fixed – Beta Target goes in wrong direction
  • Fixed – Pump single systems are not displayed when DUAL HYD FAIL
  • Fixed – Autobrake function must be inoperative on G system lo pressure
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Calum Martin
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Calum has been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of FS2000 and has developed his love for aviation ever since.
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