Exclusive BlackBird Simulations T6A Previews and Info

More exclusive previews and information on BlackBird Simulations’ upcoming T6A ADV.

Exclusive BlackBird Simulations T6A Previews and Info

BlackBird Simulations announced their latest aircraft coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator, a T6A ADV, just a few days ago, but we have not yet seen much of the aircraft. The teaser trailer posted on their YouTube only contained a brief flyby of the aircraft, and no other info about system fidelity or flight dynamics was shared.

Luckily, the BlackBird Simulations team has shared some more info and previews exclusively with FSElite. The previews, although few in numbers, are less shy about showing the aircraft compared to the teaser trailer. We get some very nice exterior shots of the aircraft, showing a lot of detail on the exterior textures and model. We can see the gear struts modelled nicely, with cables running over the struts to the wheels. On another shot we get to see some details such as antennae on the aircraft, as well as the landing lights, the propellor blades and the exhaust pipes at the front.

Another shot shows the vertical stabiliser, and here too plenty of details can be discerned: from the small horizontal fin on the vertical stabiliser to the static wicks. The rivets can clearly be seen in the texture work, alongside some built-up dirt on and trailing from these rivets.

The only preview of the inside of the cockpit appears to show the canopy lever, modelled in detail, together with appropriate wear and tear.

Flight Model

The BlackBird Simulations team did not only share these previews. The developer also shared that their T6A ADV will contain the highest fidelity flight model that they have created for MSFS. Of course, a claim like that is easily made, but BlackBird Simulations managed to back it up too. They stated that this aircraft simulation has been used by the USAF to train their future pilots, and top level realism is guaranteed.

This is a study level sim, the closest to realistic flight we’ve gone so far.

We’ll share more information on BlackBird Simulations’ upcoming T6A ADV as we learn more about the aircraft.

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